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I came in quiet and shy as I had not used a chat room before, but it was like meeting friends from the off, everyone was so friendly and made me so welcome, I loved it so much. I love all the different classes and circles and that there's lots of different people from different walks of life, and on different paths, so always someone to answer my questions and help me when I need it. I am now a reader and a Reiki Healer and all thanks to Mystic Familiar and its members.


“I had found three sites previous but never felt accepted nor could I find the answers that I was looking for. Most other sites seemed to focus on one path only. Then I found Mystic Familiar and found many different paths. My interests are Empathy, Archangel Oracle Card Reading. Since being here I have decided that one by one I would like to look at everything and see what else I can do. I love reading all the advice that people have to the many questions and I love talking to people in chat and discussing the many different opinions that people in Mystic Familiar have. I love the First steps classes it has so much to offer, I loved every minute of it. I am growing in leaps and bounds and what I have learnt has not only helped me to develop spiritually but it has helped me in everyday life to cope better with tough situations that I come across in my job and with my family.”



“I had been looking for a long time to find a place that felt right, when I came across Mystic Familiar...I stopped looking. I had been reading Tarot for about 20 years, but have had an intuitive gift since childhood, however I feel that I had reached a plateau in my development until I came here, and got refocused on my path. My interests were Tarot, Reiki and developing my psychic abilities. They have grown by leaps and bounds since coming here! There is so much to love about this place, the chat, the boards, library… the shop...the auction....its just so fantastic here. I love the chat! Ok...I am addicted :). I have been blessed with the friendships I have made here, and the message boards are full of great ideas, knowledge and love. I have participated in many classes here. I am now a piece of the furniture in some circles :)... and I love the tarot and oracle card circles.

Thank you for all the wisdom you share with me in the classes and circles,
Thank you for never judging me,
Thank you for lighting my path,
But most of all....
Thank you for being here, just being here, knowing I can come here anytime and there is a warm smile and a hug waiting for me. This is truly an amazing place.”


“I've always been fascinated by the runes and done scarily accurate readings, but since I've been here I've looked into lots of different areas. I've learned about empathy, which made a lot of things clearer to me, and grounding and protecting which has helped me enormously. I like the way this is a meeting-place for such a broad spectrum of viewpoints, and where people can engage in debate via the boards in a sensible and level-headed way and if necessary agree to disagree! Mystic Familiar has given me an opportunity to explore this aspect of myself, I can't imagine I would have had this anywhere else, and the chance to meet and talk to others who are undertaking similar journeys. Thank you Mystic Familiar!”


“After my first visit to Mystic Familiar I knew I would get answers to my many questions. Everyone was so welcoming, and accepted me for what I was. From being a total novice, I now read cards and runes, and also channel healing, so yes I have learnt all this from Mystic Familiar there are so many people willing to share, and help others. I enjoy both the Chat and Messages Board Forum as both are interactive and give support to all the members. Then there is the library and the development class archives, I have found these to be really helpful, packed with good information for those seeking. Yes, I have taken every class that has been held in the past year, some more than once, every class I have taken has helped me to move along my path. When I first came to Mystic Familiar I was a mess but now I feel I have found me and I can control my empathy and decide when where and if I let spirit speak to me being in control of my abilities that is the most important thing. I LOVE MYSTIC FAMILIAR”


“I am interested in all things spiritual and Wiccan. I am! I'm open to learning all things new and welcome them. What’s not too like about Mystic Familiar? The varied subjects, the varied conversation and the fact we feel like a family, we may argue and disagree at times but in the end we are all here for each other and that’s what’s special. I get friendship and I get to learn and have a good laugh at the same time! I feel since joining Mystic Familiar I am a darn sight more clued up and in a happier place than I was before, its helped me realize I'm not alone.”


“My interests are learning and to share and gain knowledge and to help others to realise their own potential. This has been expanded by listening and sharing with other like minds. There is always something to learn. I've also discovered a safe way to develop my teaching skills, which is really nice. The energy in the rooms which is just the best I've ever come across on the Net and which adds to that sense of safety. The welcomes, the instant empathy, the opportunities to learn and grow.. the list is endless. I'm addicted to Mystic Familiar! There's always something to read or someone to chat to. A quick ten-minute check usually extends to several hours... The Forum always informative... As for chat, I always feel uplifted and it's rare that I don't come offline happier than before I went on. Mystic Familiar is my spiritual home. It's the place I have searched for, for many years... a place to pursue interests, share knowledge and ideas, make true friends... I have found the support I need to walk my own path and I know my spirit friends brought me to a good place.


“I have been a member for about a month and a half. I opted to join because it seemed like a place that I could really learn something from. I am fairly new with all of this and one thing that really appealed to me was the fact that it didn’t matter how much I knew or didn’t know. It seemed to be a place (and has turned out to be) that no one judges anyone, they help them, everyone is learning and growing and we all help each other. My initial interest was Mediumship, my interests have not changed but expanded, by leaps and bounds. I am constantly learning new things and concepts and finding that I m interested in things that I never even knew existed. I get a lot from both Chat and the Forum. Chat provides a way to learn about new things, talk about what I have on my mind, or just have a good laugh at times. The Forums are wonderful for asking questions, getting things off your chest, and asking for support and providing support for others here. I am currently taking the first steps class here. I love it! It has helped me so much. It would have taken me years to even be exposed to half of what I can learn here. The support of the other members here is priceless. Mystic Familiar is quickly becoming home to me as it has to so many others here.”


“My Runes, Crystals Healing, Spirit and Magick, I have found an interest in dreams which I never had before. I have the privilege of doing the Sunday afternoon circle, to help newcomers feel at ease in Mystic Familiar discussing spiritual and psychic interests with like minded people and the Wednesday night circle Challenges where I challenge our members to stretch their psychic abilities further. Sometimes I’ll sit in chat and not take part just watch the flow of conversation between our members, you know like after a hard day at work, this at times is enough just to be in all yours wonderful company.”


"I opted to become a member here because it felt warm loving and no judgments. I love the fact that everyone is loving, caring, helpful, informational , friendly , ye can have fun a giggle and be serious as soon has I m out of bed I m on here, I just cannot keep away. I adore the boards, 100% people will feel the same because of the love the help the laughter the tears we have all shared. With the help of Mystic Familiar I am where I thought I would never be, I can come here and help, I can go to church and stand on a platform without jitters, I am never scared now, were I used to be before, I also have a better understanding of different paths. I have come to a point in my life where I am happy and content "

Crystal Spirit

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