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Whats on in Mystic Familiar Chat

~*~ Psychic Timetable - Development Classes & Circles ~*~


Book Review & Discussion

Many Lives Many Masters by Dr Brain Weiss MD

After Life by John Edward

Divination with Cards

Healing with Angels by Doreen Virtue - T he Aleister Crowely Thoth Tarot - Aquarian Tarot - Wisdom of the four Winds - Sacred Path


An Introduction to Empathy - Diffrent Types of Empath - Grounding or Anchoring - Moon Phases, Cutting the Ties That Bind

Energy Workshop

Energy Workshop 4 - Energy Workshop 5

First Steps

Grounding & Protecting - Chakras - Cleansing and Balancing the Chakras

Healing Circle

Mediation 1 - Meditation & Visualisation2 - Creating Reality/Protection3 - Mirror Protection Technique3 - Healers 4a Chakras 4b - Ascension 5 - Chakra Cleansing6 - Q & A 7 - Colour Healing 8 - Multidimensional Colour Healing 9 - Counseling Session Part 1 10 - Counseling Session 11 - Counseling Session 12 - Distance Healing 13 - Energy 14


Types of Ghosts, Spirits, Recordings, Replays and Anniversary Ghosts, Paranormal


Mediumship for Beginners

Mediumship Introduction 1 - Spirit Guides 2 - Mediumship Ethics 3 - Opening a Door 4 - Channeling 5

Philosophical & Spiritual Growth Counselling -

PSGC 1-2 - PSGC 3

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism -

An Introduction to Shamanism - The Shaman Warrior - The Shaman and the Drum - Balance - Shaman Stones - Seeing through the Eyes of our Animal Guides - The Tree of Life - Can we be Taught to be a Shaman - The Elemental Prayer - How to make your own Medicine Wheel - The Sweat Lodge

Spiritual Wellbeing -

Dreams 1 - Reincarnation 2 - Indigo and Crystal Children 3 - Working with Energy 4 - Emotional Effects on Health 5 - Psychic Intuition I

The Hand Your Dealt -

Tarot I - Tarot II

Topics of Enlightenment -

Ego, Fear & Complacency

Visually Guided Meditations -

Journey Meditation - Spirit Guides Meditation - Enchanted Forest Meditation - Medicine Wheel Meditation - Fairy Realm Meditation - Knights Meditation - Mayan Temple Meditation - Global Oneness Meditation - Sphinx Meditation - Dragon Meditation - Flight of the Dragon - The Hill Above the Town Meditation - The Beach Meditaion - Meeting the Old Oak Tree - Forest Meditation with Our Anima Guides - Cleansing Meditation for Healing - Flying with Merlin

Garden Meditation - Flushing Negative Energy - Healing Pool Meditation - Cottage Meditation - Bubble Meditation - Waterfall Meditation - Beach Meditation - Stone Circle Meditation - Indian Village Meditation - Stone Chair Meditation

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