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Mystic Familiar Free Psychic chat room community Psychic, Spiritual & Paranormal Links, Mysterious People An Unlike World, paranormal topics, strange powers, occult, personalities, Egyptian witchcraft

Psychic, Spiritual & Paranormal Links

Why not join us in the Mystic Familiar Free Psychic Chat Rooms all paths are welcome. Meet with Psychics, Mediums, Healers and other like minds. We run many Free Psychic, Mediumship and Spiritual Classes. All Psychic and Mediumship Readings and Healings are Free so drop in and join the Mystic Familiar Psychic Circle of Friendship today.

Books Homesite of 'The Messiah Seed' The light to follow is the light in yourself. You are your own Messiah! Free printable sampler eBook available for download! With Story Waters at

Gaia Books and Music Words and music to nourish your soul


Global Visions Spiritual & Humanitarian Directory -


Awaken your Reiki Healing Power Reiki healing home study certified courses, training up to Master level. Free ebook for optimal wellness & self-mastery, Free distance healing. NLP for personal development, testimonials, and more!

Holiday Accommodation

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Divine Inspirations
Inspirational poetry, midi music and songs, by Mary Hession, for all to freely share.


Lightworker This is a lightworkers community a place where all can gather and experience their own empowerment.


Prediction Magazine Number one magazine for articles on psychic, astrology, metaphysical, paranormal, esoteric, ect

Paranormal Information

An Unlike World -A resource centre with information and links for many paranormal topics, such as aliens & UFOs, alt. science, crypto zoology, ghosts, occult topics, psychic things, religious phenomena and many others.
There is also discussion on (pseudo)science & (pseudo) scepticism.

Mysterious People A site offering information on strange powers, occult personalities, poltergeist girls, feral children, eccentrics

PARAseek A free paranormal search engine devoted entirely too paranormal, sciences, alternative religion and extreme space research topics.

Psychic Mediums

Tony Stockwell One of the UK’s most well known and respected Psychic Medium. Link to this site to fine out where you can see Tony in his 2005 tour Tony Stockwell continues touring in 2005 with his brand new 'Spirited' tour, demonstrating his gift of mediumship and bringing messages from the spirit world. He will also be joining Colin Fry for further nights of 'The Best of British Mediumship' tour 2005.....Colin Fry is also a very well known and respected Psychic Medium in the UK.


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Love Spells
Authentic Love Spells cast on your behalf by notoriously known witch Ms. Aisha. She offers Love Spells with fast and powerful results.

Musical Gifts Gift Shop For Jewelry Boxes, Music Boxes, Snow Globes, Stuffed Animals And So Much More. NEW! Customize your own music box!

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Psychic, Spiritual & Paranormal Links

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Mystic Familiar Free Psychic chat room community Psychic, Spiritual & Paranormal Links, Mysterious People An Unlike World, paranormal topics, strange powers, occult, personalities, Egyptian witchcraft

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