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Affiliated Familiars ~ Volunteers

Mystic Familiar Affiliated Familiars ~ What Volunteering entails

We are often asked how does someone become an affiliate here at Mystic Familiar along with many other questions relating to affiliation and volunteering so we thought we would provide some of the answers to some of your questions here.

What is an Affiliate?
All affiliates are site helpers, all helpers are volunteers who offer their time, energy and gifts here at Mystic Familiar to help other people as well as to continue with their own personal growth along their individual psychic and spiritual paths.

Are there different kinds of Affiliates Volunteers?
Yes there are three different kinds of affiliate volunteers here at Mystic Familiar there are Readers, Healers and Readers & Healers combined helpers they can be found on site with a r~ h~ & rh~ before their name.

How does someone become Affiliated to Mystic Familiar?
There is only one way to become affiliated at Mystic Familiar and it’s a very simple way really, the ethos of this site is to help each other to grow and develop in anyway we can. Therefore anyone wishing to become affiliated is asked to help out on site, helping out is the only way to become affiliated.

What is expected of an Affiliate?
Taking on the roll of affiliate is really quite hard work and this should be borne in mind when applying for this position. Affiliates are expected to be regular active members of this community, as an affiliate you are expected to help regularly, not just turn up now and again. You would be expected to fulfil the roll that that you have taken on as an affiliate.

Do you have to Affiliate to Read, Heal or Help on site?
No you don’t have to affiliate to Read, Heal or Help on site everyone has things to give to help themselves as well as others. Anyone can Read, Heal or Help on site as long as they have a Host or an Affiliate there with them at the time.

Why do I need to have a Host or Affiliate with me when I read heal or help on site?
Some people ask this question because they have used their gifts in the real world for many years and wonder why they need to be accompanied. There are a few reasons we ask that none affiliates are accompanied by a host or affiliate while they read, heal or help on site.

Firstly there are rules and guidelines on site which new members may not be acquainted with. These outline the Rules & Chat Etiquette and Reading and Healers Guidelines. All site users are bound by these.

Not everyone is use to the chat room environment, being adept with your gifts in the real world does not necessarily mean you will understand how a chat rooms works. Body language and facial expressions are missing from chat and many people can take things said to them in chat the wrong way. Having a host or affiliate with you to help can make a big difference.

Sadly there are also people on the net who pretend to be readers and healers to play stupid and often hurtful games for their own inane pleasure. It is hoped in taking time to get to know people who wish to affiliate that we try to prevent some of that kind of behaviour.

Does everyone become Affiliated and when should you not consider Affiliating?
Not everyone who applies will be affiliated. If your life is hectic, with way much to do or things just don’t seem to be going right for you then this is not a time to think about affiliating. Affiliation comes with responsibilities that need to be met regularly. You can help out on site any time you like, when you have the time, or when things are more settled in your life. Please don’t add more pressure to your life than you already have it won’t help others and it defiantly won’t help you either. By requesting and accepting affiliation your are indicating that you are prepared to offer your time and commitment to Mystic Familiar.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Would you like to Affiliate?
After reading all of the above and you still feel you have the time, the energy and the inclination to help others and want to volunteer to become a Mystic Familiar Affiliate Familiar then please help out on site in anyway you can, make yourself known to the people who already help out on site, let us know you would be interested in affiliating. When you feel you would like to be considered for affiliation Contact us Here Please understand that this always takes time and that no one is affiliated over night, and there is a waiting list.

Mystic Familiar Affiliated Familiars

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