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The Way of the Witch


Witchcraft An introduction

Many people have a sense of inner power that they cannot understand and a sense that beyond the realm of sight and sound there dwells another kingdom. Some have precognitive dreams; some develop a working with the tarot or other divination method. Some realize a small power of magick, of when they wished hard enough it would come true. Some may have had an Aunt who had mediumship abilities or a Grandma who had a working knowledge of herbs. Many find the framework they were taught as children had no place for these arts but then came across Witchcraft which encompasses them all.

Witches, male (simply known as a Male Witch and not a Warlock or Wizard) and female are from all walks of life, from all nations and races. They are young, old, rich and poor. A witch can be a young mother alone with children to look after or a fiercely competitive barrister. They are people who have awoke to the fact that materialism is not the be all and end all and that science and other religions don’t have all the answers, they have realized ancient wisdom and common sense.

Witchcraft is a pre-Christian religion originating from the mist of time and is based on simple pagan traditions handed down in folklore and country custom. Witches worship a Goddess, the Great Mother Goddess and a God, the Horned God believing that masculine and feminine elements are represented in everybody and everything thus bringing balance.

Witches also honour and work with nature in the belief that Earth is our spiritual Mother and sensing the Divine is all around and inside each of us and not ‘out there’. Nature is sacred to the Witch and many are involved in environmental issues, animal rights, Greenpeace and vegetarianism etc.

There are many different types of Witch and each country has its own Witchcraft traditions. In the United States the traditions are influenced by Native American and West African spirituality. Alexandrian, British Traditional, Gardnerian, Eclectic, Pictish, Kitchen, Strega and of course Wicca (although nowadays the words Witchcraft and Wicca are most often used interchangeably) are just some of the many traditions Witches follow (contrary to many beliefs there is no such category as a ‘Satanic Witch’ as Witches do not believe in Satan). There are of course many more traditions and each has its own way of working. Some follow strict guidelines and are more structured in practices and ceremony, whilst others, such as the solitary Witch, can follow a particular tradition or can use various modifications from various traditions to suit their needs. Witchcraft allows you to play which is necessary for the growth of a healthy mind.

Witchcraft combines the skills of herbalism, divination and spiritual healing and the fate, health and well being of people as well as the weather by the power of the focused mind. Witches are known by many different names in different parts of the world. In England, wise women and cunning men, on the continent, herbal women and soothsayers, medicine men and women and in West Africa, babalowos.

Wicca is not anti-Christian as many believe and many country Witches go to church on Sunday and work with Christian angels. Many priests dabble in herbalism and spiritual healing. Indeed Christian prayer could be thought of as a form of spell casting.

Witchcraft is not for everybody and many people don’t understand, maybe because they choose not to or maybe because some people regard it as a cult (which it is not because a cult has one powerful leader whom others follow, which is not the case in witchcraft). One person’s path may not be another persons and some people have lost friends because of that friend’s lack of understanding. Most choose to keep their path to themselves. In today’s society there is still something scary about a woman who is in control of her mind and a man who values a woman and the role they play in society.

Witches & Witchcraft

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