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Sabbats ~ Oestra Mother Berta, Father Winter, Santa Clause, Kriss Kringle, St Nick, Kings of Holly and Oak

The Way of the Witch

Sabbats ~ Oestra

(20th - 21st March)

Also known as:- Oestra, Ostara, Eostre, Vernal or Spring equinox
Associated Deities:- Eostre, Spring Maiden, Spring Lord, Ishtar, Astarte
Associated Herbs:- Jasmine, rose, violet
Associated Stones:- Moss agate, green moonstone, orange calcite, rose quartz

The spring equinox denotes the first day of spring and so dates vary from year to year. It is a time when both day and night are equal and so a time of balance. From now on the days will get longer and the nights shorter. Oestara is a fertility festival with the renewal of fertility on the earth and in our spiritual lives. Oestara gives us the name oestrus and oestragen, the female reproductive hormone. It is a time when we seek balance in our lives and accept ourselves for who we are, not just the good points and traits but also those we see as bad points and traits.

Legend has it that the Goddess Eostre turned a colourful bird into a rabbit and the rabbit then laid coloured eggs, this is where the easter bunny and egg hunts came from and the basis of the Christian festival Easter.

Ostra Celebration ideas
A green alter cloth and pastel coloured candles represent the greenery and colours of spring. Wild flowers of the season can adorn the alter and coloured eggs can represent the quarters. Write a list of ten negative things that you feel are holding you back in your life and which you would like to change, make sure they are attainable. Next write ten positive ways you could change these. Look at them and you will find that some are not so bad and others may be a little harder to change. You must first begin to accept yourself and be willing to change what you do not accept before you are in a position to understand and accept others. Take some dead leaves and write on them the things you would like to change. Dig a hole and put in the leaves. Take some seeds or seedlings and think about the new ideas and things you would like to attain, place these on top of the leaves and bury them, thus balancing the old with the new. As the old leaves wither and rot they help the new seeds to sprout and grow strong. When you have finished you could end with eating boiled eggs and drinking milk.

Sabbats ~ Oestra

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