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Sabbats ~ Oestra Mother Berta, Father Winter, Santa Clause, Kriss Kringle, St Nick, Kings of Holly and Oak

The Way of the Witch

Sabbats ~ Litha

Litha or Summer Solstice

(21st June – 23rd June)

Also known as: Summer solstice, St Johns Day, Midsummer
Associated Deities: Mother Earth, Father Sun and the fairy people
Associated Herbs: Rose, lavender, St John’s Wort, chamomile
Associated Stones: Amethyst, opal, quartz, lapis lazuli, malachite

The summer solstice is a fire festival and is the longest day and shortest night of the year. It is a time when the sun is at its strongest and the God, The Holly King, takes his place as Father Sun, whilst The Goddess takes her place as Mother Earth. The Earth is green, lush and bountiful. It is a celebration of serving, giving and sharing and of getting ready for the harvest to come. From now the year begins to wane and eventually will come winter.

We also should give thanks for what we have received and give to others as we have received. It is a time to be brave and strong and a time to overcome. Help someone in need, help at a local hall with children or the elderly. Enjoy a picnic in the park or a barbecue.

This is also a good time to cleanse crystals and hang them in the garden or put them on the windowsill to charge in the in the great rays of the sun, even if it is a cloudy day, the sun is still there in all his glory.

Ostra Celebration ideas
The altar can be covered with gold cloth and candles and adorned with summer flowers. Greet the Sun at Dawn on his day of greatest power and observe the cycle of growth and decline as many plants have now given all and are nearing their end. Think about any projects you are at the moment undertaking and look if there is anything that needs to be done. Ask the God and Goddess to end what is not working and run its course, or to re-start other projects and to speed up those which are working. End your celebrations by eating summer fruits and drinking summer fruit juice, also remember to save some to give back to Mother Earth and say then you.

Sabbats ~ Litha

Litha or Summer Solstice

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