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Imbolic Rituals

Candlemas, February

(2nd February)

February heralds in the season of the Spring Maiden and she is the Goddess Brigid, the Celtic Goddess, who represents the season of birthing energies. This energy refreshes the earth in new light and compassions. A time that stirs the energies of all things as the bud on the trees break from their sleeping pods and green shoots begin to sprouts upwards reaching for the new warming sunlight, so do we as we might approach new ideas and make some new plans for this time.

Since this time of Imbolic is about initiations you can plan your rituals around your divination work that you will be doing and your use of candles are used to imbue a magical purpose or intent. The alignment with this season you can keep things along these lines like what scents you use and any herbs you may like to use that would be appropriate to your ritual work. You can use small crystals or stones and even write your intent on a piece of paper. Other objects can be used too to dress the candle at the base of the candle holder such as a red ribbon for love and passions, seashells for invoking peacefulness, put a picture on the table where you like to take a holiday letting the energy of relaxation flow towards you.

Candles for Your Ritual Work

Red can be for lust, passion, and energy to fight a health matter, animal vitality and courage/strength for a project.

Pink is good for love, affections, friendships, kindness, and letting love move towards you.

Orange is about sexual energy, earth energy, stimulation and adaptability.

Brown is earth energy, used for grounding, and stabilizing, perfecting a project.

Yellow is intellectual energy, concentration you need for a project, ideas to come forth.

Green is financial energy, growth, fertility and prosperity in your life.

Blue is a calming energy, invoking healing, peace, relaxing, offering to gain patience, clairvoyance.

Purple is spiritual energy, invoking the fey, mediations and divination.

Black is energy much like the Waning Moon, releases, banishing, it also absorbs other energies especially negative energy without it reaching you and heals you by removing what isn’t good for you.

White is energy much like the Full Moon, a cycle of completions, purifications, and protection, invoking awareness and cleansing rituals. White colour candles are good for most ritual work. I often use one white and one candle of the colour of my intentions.

Appropriate Day that relates to your ritual work;

Sunday ruled by the Sun association to vital energy, drive.
Monday ruled by the Moon association to cleansing, hormones, emotions, fluid balance.
Tuesday ruled by Mars association to metabolism, sex, assertive energies.
Wednesday ruled by Mercury association to communications, ideas, speech, books
Thursday ruled by Jupiter association to blood circulations, liver, cellular nutrition, zest, abundance.
Friday ruled by Venus association to personal desires, relationships, love, sugar metabolism. Personal unions like you have on one to one bases.
Saturday ruled by Saturn association to diets, boundaries, bindings, focus.

The Mystic Shop invites you to look at scents you can use too along with meditation cds and books to aid you in your ritual work..

Imbolic Rituals


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