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The Way of the Witch ~ Full Moon Fire Ritual

The Way of the Witch

Full Moon Fire Ritual

I had the most wonderful fire ritual at my place in the woods last night! Incredible energies were raised and I wondered if any one else had a similar experience last night.

I perform rituals at my fire pit all the time, but this particular one seemed especially powerful. We had just had rain, it was blowing in cold(er) and there were still remnants of lightening flashing through the clouds. Awesome!

I feel something big coming, but not sure what it is yet........

The full moon ritual is an important one for me as I use it as a tool to diminish any negative energy that has built up for me during the month. I do it every full moon. The fact that I have a fire ring in my yard and I am also a fire sign contribute to the use of fire in this ritual.

I usually lay the fire before the initial meditation. Then I can just go out and stick a match to it to get it started. Since I live in the forest, I've got lots of wood available. I like oak best, but pine is easy to light and makes a cheerful fire

To prepare I try to spend at least 30 minutes meditating on the issues that have affected me over the past month. I try to isolate those that are causing me problems in my daily life, then mentally let them go. If the month has been especially stressful, I will burn a white candle to purify and sometimes a blue one to calm(other colours as applicable). I buy the ritual candles (coloured candles in a tall glass cylinder, sometimes these have Catholic verbage on them which I remove) and make sure they are placed in a secure area for burning and then let to burn all the way down. This process can take up to a week, so must be started before the full moon actually arrives. Ideally, these would be finished burning by the time the night of the full moon is over, so there's some planning involved.

On the night of, after the meditation, a cast a circle around my firepit and call the spirits. I ask for energy from each quadrant, and balance from all.
The words aren't really all that important. I don't really hold much stock in "canned ritual" Just use words that work for you and ask for guidance where you need it most. I sometimes will burn items on my firepit that have come to the end of their cycle with me. I don't really know how to tell someone else how to recognize what those are, I just know what they are for me. When it's time for something to be gone from me, I usually know it, whether it's a photo of an old lover, or whatever. What I do know is that it's something that has taken on a negative meaning for me and must be released to be moved past.

I then have place incense in my pit. My favourites are patchouli, sandalwood and amber. The one I use just depends on my mood. I use patchouli to energize, sandal wood to calm and amber to increase psychic ability. A few more minutes of meditation, close the circle and you're done. On special occasions, my friends come with drums and we combine the fire ritual with the drumming energy. This is especially powerful and can start some amazing thing moving in the direction you wish them to go. We sometimes do this for women about to give birth, someone who has lost a loved one, things like that.

After the ritual is complete, I like to follow it with some very nice hot tea. Green tea is my staple, but I also like jasmine and some others.

I hope this has been helpful. This ritual has sustained me for many years and always helps me get in sync with the new moon coming.


The Way of the Witch ~ Full Moon Fire Ritual

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