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The Way of the Witch


A witch celebrates the Esbats which are the full moons in the year

A Witch believes in a god and a Goddess and in their celebrations the God is always by her side. The Goddess has three aspects and everything in life revolves around this.

Reflected in the Waxing Moon-New beginnings-The Goddess as maiden, bringing fresh starts, starting new projects or new skills and the sowing of seeds.

Reflected in the Full Moon-Maturity-The Goddess as mother, bringing maturity, fertility, fruitfulness, healing, nurturing and protecting.

Reflected in the Waning Moon-Knowledge and understanding-The Goddess as Crone or Wise One, bringing experience, skill, rest after labour and prepares the way for the re-birth of the Maiden.

The dark of the Moon is said to be a time of rest and looking back on achievements and Witches do not usually use magic at this time.

The Esbbats are minor celebrations of the Moon and her phases, but still important to Witches. Although some celebrate all phases others celebrate just The Esbbats. There are 12 months in the year but 13 Full moons and when two Full moons fall in the same month one is called the Blue Moon and is considered a special time for magic having double the power.

December -The Oak Moon-symbolising the male aspect of the divinity and the Oak king.

January-The Wolf Moon-a time of year when predator food is scarce.

February -Chaste Moon-snow still blankets the ground and symbolises innocence and the start of a new chapter.

March-The Seed Moon-earth stirs, snow melts, bulbs begin to sprout and seeds planted.

April-The Hare Moon-fertility, blossoming and the need for reproductively in nature.

May-The Dyad Moon-everything is in blossom and honours the Lord and Ladies marriage.

June-The Mead or Honey Moon-end of fertility and beginning of new life,
nurturing, transformation and bees fill their hives with honey.

July-The Wort Moon-wort means herb and this is the time when herbs have reached their full potential and are ready to be gathered.

August-The Barley Moon-signifies harvesting and reaping grain.

September -The Wine or Harvest Moon-grapes are now harvested and is also a celebration of spirit.

October -The Blood Moon-opening months of hunting season.

November -The Snow Moon-the coming of the dark months when earth is ready for her long sleep and the blanket of snow to come.


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