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Ogham ~ Celtic Tree Lore

The Reed - Ngetal - November

Celtic Moon month 28th October to 24th November

Latin name - Phragmites Australis, Arundo Donax

Ogham ~  The Reed - Ngetal – October, Phragmites Australis, Arundo Donax

The Reed is a large grass, that grows in wet areas at the edge of streams or marshlands.
It can grow to 6 feet (two metres) high in the United Kingdom but can grow taller in other parts of the World. It grows in thick clumps. The leaves are large and flat and smooth.
As it’s a perennial, even though the stems remain in winter,
new shoots will appear in spring.

The flower heads are large and light, waving in the wind until the seeds are heavier and the heads begin to droop with black-purplish seeds.
The Reed is a good stabilizer for the soil due to its abundant root network and was used for many things in our ancient culture, paper and pens were made from the
Reed. In ancient Egypt the papyrus was made from the Reed family of plants.
Reed mats are also made and many weavers wove room mats as room dividers, joining then together to make a large partition also reeds were used to make baskets, thatch for roofs which are still used today. In woodwind instruments reeds are small thin pieces and used to make the breath sound. In parts of Europe and elsewhere in the world arrows where made from the strong Reed plant.
Reeds are used in water treatment for cleansing the water in various stages before finally being used again, a wonderful natural way to do this.
As it's a strong plant and hard to get rid off once it's established in an area many uses where found for this plant.

Many myths connect the Reed to the Fairy Kingdom, it's said if you made a whistle from the Reed you could summon the Fairy Folk.
Talieson the Welsh Bard was said to have been found floating in a Reed basket by his adoptive father Elffin (Elphin) as a baby.

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