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Ogham ~ Celtic Tree Lore

The Bramble - Muin - September

The Bramble - Celtic Moon month 2nd September to 29th September

Latin name - Rubus Fruticosus

Ogham ~  The Bramble - Muin - September

The Bramble is a member of the Rose family. It is considered a vine that is very fast growing and has hard woody stems. The prickly leaves and the sharp thorns can grow a foot or more a week in the summer months. It is also self propagating. Branches that touch the ground can root and spread new plants. Gardeners know that if even an inch of root from a Bramble is left in good soil it can soon become a Bramble bush of some size. The flowers have five petals and this also is a connection to the Goddess.

The Bramble is one of the only trees that have flowers, green fruit and ripe berries all on the same plant at the same time. The colours green, red and black in the berries are said to represent the Goddess in her maiden, mother and crone aspect.

It is considered the plant of the Goddess of Joy and Exhilaration. This may be due to those who would make wine from the berries, which produce a very potent drink. Shamans and Medicine men and woman would make a sacred brew with the berries to connect more to the Goddess and experience a vision quest or spiritual journey into the Worlds of Spirit.

The berries would be left for the animals, faeries and birds after Halloween (Samhuinn) and it was considered unlucky for people to eat them after this time. Brambles are sacred to the Faery realm and it is said that drinking the sacred wine of the Bramble would help the person journey into the faery realm or be able to communicate with them. As faeries are considered mischievous this was often a hazardous undertaking for those unprepared. Brambles surround the faery rings and help keep out unwanted intruders. So this is a tree considered to protect the realm of the faeries.

It is believed that Bramble was considered sacred in the worship of many pagan deities in ancient Europe. Many ancient temples and altars would have carvings of the Bramble to represent growth abundance and reaching out to your chosen Deities.

Brambles can be an astringent or a tonic, the leaves and roots are used in holistic remedies; such as to aid with diarrhoea. Chewing the leaves is said to be a 2000 year old remedy for bleeding gums.

Brambles are often used in making jams, fruit pies and fruit cordial.

Please be advised: Consult a doctor if you are pregnant or have other health issues before taking any tonics or begin using any holistic treatments.

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