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Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards Review

Fairies Oracle
Working with the Fairies to Find Insight, Wisdom and Joy
by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

A Tarot Deck Review

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This is an astounding oracle cards deck illustrated by Brian Froud, who is famous for his work with Jim Henson in the movies The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. He also worked with author Terry Jones to create the ever-popular ‘Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book’. His earthy concept of faeries and wood imps is a very out-of-the-ordinary view if compared to the modern perceptions of what fairies look like in children’s literature today.

There are no pretty bright colours or frothy dresses on these faeries and to be honest some of the little imps can appear to be rather mean looking, but they’re not! These faeries have been created and coloured to blend with their natural forest habitats so as to appear inconspicuous, as they do in reality! In saying this though I have to add that the images are beautifully drawn and are so very expressive they truly almost appear to be alive within the card.

Each card absolutely teems with life and each time you look at a card you are sure to find something there that you never noticed before. You will find yourself chuckling at the expressions on some of the faces that you see. Some of the names of the cards too, will also give you a giggle: “Undressing of a Salad”, “O! That Gnome” and “The Fairy who was kissed by Pixies”.

Every time I handle this deck I feel the mischievousness of the folk that dwell within. Some of the folk can be very cheeky and hide random cards from my view. At times they have made it difficult for me to shuffle as they throw cards out of the deck, more so than usual, that is! They can be both a pleasure and a pain to work with as I have found that they respond to the mood and the needs of the sitter as well as my own mood at the time. They are always very direct and to the point with what they have to share and they always give in a way that the sitter will understand. I do have to admit though; this deck can at times have a wicked sense of humour! One that will always help you to see that there is a positive side in every situation; it may just be hidden from view for that moment in time. These cards will help you to open your eyes and see that which is hidden.

The book that accompanies this deck is beautifully bound in a hard cover and is written by Jessica Macbeth. It is a wonderful book to read and it opens your eyes to all the lives and the purposes of the real fae folk in the world. Jessica herself tells you in her opening sentences:

“The first thing I always tell my students about oracles and tarot decks is: Don’t read the book.
This book, of course, is different.
This book is about the living oracle of the faeries—a set of cards and a way of seeing that is different from standard human tarot and oracle cards. Brian once began to paint a human tarot with fairy in it, but that wasn’t what the faeries wanted him to do. They wanted him to make their own oracle cards, as nearly as he could without being able to paint in light instead of pigments.
This book is also about a different, intuitive way of reading the cards. It starts by helping you to discover your own meanings and insights in the cards instead of telling you mine."

And Jessica does exactly that in a clear and humorous manner. The book itself was an absolute delight to read as I met some amazing folk within the pages. She has placed random quotes from Brian Froud throughout the book, which are a delight to read as they teach us how to communicate with fairy folk.

An example being; "Not all meanings are meant to be clear at once. Some ideas take time. Some words are designed to lead us on inner journeys, with truth hidden deep inside them."

In the third part of the book Jessica shares some advice with the reader on how approach the cards in a reading and how faeries will assist in counselling within a reading. She has also placed some examples of spreads that can be used with this deck.

I truly love this deck and how it feels but I do believe that it may not suit a reader who is just beginning on the path of cards. It is though a deck definitely worth owning.

I will note one thing that I feel needs to be mentioned here, there is nudity within the cards, very tastefully done but it is still nudity.


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Buy ~ The Fairies Oracle!

Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

The Fairies Oracle
By Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

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