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Tarot Cards & Oralce Cards Oracle of the Dragonfae

Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards Review

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

The story of my favourite deck... Oracle of the Dragonfae

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We all use different tools for reading, some cards others runes or crystals, whatever we are drawn to really. It always fascinates me how we come to settle on our choice of tool and more so how we are drawn to and choose certain decks. The resulting attachments to these decks can be very interesting too. I think it’s good to stretch your boundaries now and again and have at least a few decks to choose from so that our minds don’t become stale and also I feel that in some instances the deck that is perhaps the one of our choice just doesn’t suit the sitter. Maybe you even feel the reading is lacking a “little something” and bringing in the energies of another deck gives added insight, some decks can feel quite passive while others are more the “action packs”

I would like to share with you a deck that I am particularly passionate about. This is “The Oracle of the Dragonfae” by Lucy Cavendish. This deck has 43 cards with beautiful depictions of the Dragonfae. It comes boxed and with a guidebook introducing the Dragonfae to us.

The author gives the overview that “In the not so faraway past, we were Gods and Goddesses and we dwelt in dimensional lands of Eden, Avalon, Ys, Atlantis and Mu. We were fully alive and fully magical, and we worked, loved and lived with all the elemental beings, but as time wore on, we were torn away from our strongest, most protective kin, the Dragonfae. Now they are returning to help us heal ourselves and save this sacred planet. When we connect with the Dragonfae, we reconnect with the lost parts of ourselves, allowing us to fully explore the gift of life on this beautiful planet. They help us to access knowledge from deep within and reconnect us with the knowingness that we are all one.”

As we all know its best to trust your own judgment and go with what we feel the card says to us as opposed to the meanings given in the guidebook. Although I don’t believe in using the authors interpretation of the 20 cards, I would say that this little book is interesting and different in that it gives us insight into the characters depicted on the cards, there background and values.

I came across this Dragonfae deck while I was looking for images of faeries (as one does) and I felt a really strong urge to buy the deck. I tried to ignore it at first but was drawn back time after time to read about the Dragonfae deck and from the few cards that I was able to see the images spoke to me and I felt compelled to work with these alluring creatures. Well they are fascinating so how could I, a mere mortal, resist?

Having this deck come to stay has proved to be a wise move as I connect really well with it and the Dragonfae have taught me many things and in particular I feel they have made me look honestly at myself and given me insight into how best to remove personal obstructions in my life.

They are a robust and glossy deck and will stand up to a fair amount of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. At first when I received the cards I found the images easy to read but the cards themselves a little awkward to work with, they are fairly large cards and shuffling was a bit chaotic, but I didn’t throw the towel in at the first hurdle. I persevered and it’s almost as if the cards now fit just perfectly, like they have moulded themselves to make life easy. Now when I pick them up I feel they are just right, considerate of them don’t you think!

The cards range from fae, some more mischievous than others, to goddess and dragon and the artwork and colour are stunning. The deckhouses cards of the more familiar names like Morgan Le Fey and Queen Mab. Along with many new faces for you to meet and work with. I feel the cards are very grounded and give messages of hope, I also feel there energy is very direct and they are not afraid to let us know what it is we should or shouldn’t be doing and they are very connected with the earth and dimensions beyond. The more you work with them the more you see their validation in everyday life.

I have three that I feel most connected to at the moment the first is Oroki, who reminds us of boundaries both keeping them and not overstepping them (both ours and other peoples) and taking a sometimes much needed step back to have time for ourselves. He is a wise old dragon and the blue featured on this card is such a beautiful comforting colour. I feel his message is very apt when working with spirit as he also reminds us of how we need to communicate to others in expressing our limitations and designating specific time to do things in, not to feel forced into working when we are clearly not going to do ourselves or others any favours.

The Next is Melusine, she wears a large key around her neck and I just love her message, she comes to remind us that the true happiness comes from loving ourselves for who and what we are, and embracing our own truths, treating ourselves as we treat others, reminding us we hold our own key to unlock the doors that we feel are holding us back, wise council indeed! It also feels like the beautiful Melusine is speaking from her own personal experiences.

My personal favourite is Gwynne and Elluish, which is the card of atonement, on a red background it depicts a beautiful raven haired fae with vibrant red wings and her winged red dragon perched on her bare shoulder as they face everything together. This card reminds about connection and being in tune with the world and everything around us and to live in the moment. I have to admit that I love this card so much that I went to the extent of sending a picture of it to Sol to have it made into my Siggie, so now every time I post on the Mystic Familiar Forum I am met by the gaze of Gwynne and Elluish.

You too could start up a beautiful friendship with these fascinating creatures by visiting the Mystic Familiar Shop.

Catch me in chat if you would like to discuss this deck or indeed if you would like to share your personal story of how your favourite deck came about. Love and Blessings, Opalfae

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Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

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