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Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards Review

Creature Teacher Cards - Animal Wisdom for All Ages

by Scott Alexander King &Sioux Dollman

A Tarot Deck Review

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What is it that attracts me to the Creature Teacher deck?

There is the beautiful artistry that seems to capture the spirit of each of the animals. There are the profoundly deep messages within the simple words of the author, which would inspire even the cruellest of critic and the strongest non-believer. The Creature Teacher cards are also pretty rare in that they are round. There are a very limited number of round decks available in the world.

Above all these things what is unique about the Creature Teacher deck … it is 100% Australian and it sells worldwide!

Am I proud to be Australian! You bet!

Scott Alexander King was an Indigo child born and raised in Australia. Being Indigo gave Scott the ability to see the ‘spirit power’ of living animals from an early age. He grew up surrounded by a menagerie of animals and would spend hours alone as a child observing them and watching how they related to each other. Over time he understood that he shared a special ‘energy’ with animals which allowed him share their abilities and to communicate with them.

Scott grew up lonely and troubled by his need to keep secrets and trusting no one to talk to. He feared as a child that no one would listen to him or believe him. So in his need to talk he turned to his animals, which were always a source of comfort to him. He is now bringing up his own children ‘to know that if they have any concerns, and they feel ‘weird’ about coming to me or their mum about it, they can consult the animals. And they do. With this in mind, I have written these cards for you – the kids of the world.’ to quote the author.

As a schoolteacher he allowed his ‘energy’ to guide him and he soon discovered that his teaching techniques were having a favourable affect on those children commonly labelled as ‘problem children’. Those that are considered troublemakers, who are more likely Indigo children!

He has created the Creature Teacher deck to give all children the encouragement and answers that, for whatever reason, they do not always get from others in their life. There are times in all children’s lives that they feel ‘weird’ about some issue and believe that there is no one that they can talk to. Even the things that, as adults we feel are so insignificant, but to a child it is a truly massive problem.

Sioux Dollman is a highly qualified much sort after artist who has many commissions, exhibitions and children’s projects in her name. Her talent is obvious as you look through each of the 45 cards in the Creature Teacher deck. She brings the spirit of the animal into the card and gives them all such beautifully joyful expressions. It is impossible to feel anything but positive when you hold the cards in your hands. You can feel the joy that it gives each creature to be there with you. They give to you what it is that you need the most at that point in time.

There are simple messages to be found on the Creature Teacher cards such as ‘I only keep good secrets’, ‘I have everything I need’, ‘I am proud to be me’, ‘I accept help’, ‘I don’t need to follow blindly’, ‘I have respect for others’ and my favourite card is the Zebra’s card ‘I am unique and special’. How many children question who and what they are? How many children find nothing but fault with their true self? No matter how good at parenting we may be, sometimes there is nothing we can do or say to convince our child that they are beautiful and special people.

As the author says about this card - ‘If Zebra has galloped into your cards today, you are being reminded that you are unique and special that you are NOT like everybody else, and that there is a good reason for that difference. By celebrating the fact that you’re different from every other person on this planet, you can and will make a difference to the world. You WILL make the world a better place to live in – just by being you.’ How special for a child to read that about itself if all they have is doubts.

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I gave this deck to my youngest child who, at the time was going through puberty. Such a tough time for girls, considering the physical changes that they go

through and not just the mental issues that they also need to deal with. Much insecurity is raised at this time for children as they pass through that time from childhood into teens and adulthood. I have found that very few of them, girls especially, do not like what is happening to them physically and seem to believe that it is only they, themselves that are going through it.

My daughter draws one of these cards every day before she goes to school and allows the message to inspire and encourage her. In the afternoon when she comes home if she feels the need for answers she draws another card to assist her with whatever issues she had at school. She has come to me many times now to discuss what the cards have helped her with. I found that above all, these cards have brought her closer to me and given her more confidence in knowing that she can speak to us and share her problems.

The Creature Teacher has also helped her through a time where she felt that her friends at school were alienating her by offering advice on how to see her. Things that I had offered her but she believed I only said because I was her mother and I loved her regardless! So would I recommend this deck?

Without a doubt! Creature Teacher is for all ages, whether you have a child in your life or not, there is much to be had from this deck by everyone.

Buy ~ Creature Teacher Cards by Scott Alexander King & Sioux Dollman here!

Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

Creature Teacher by cott Alexander King & Sioux Dollman

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