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Animals Divine Tarot Deck By Lisa Hunter Author and Illustrator

Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards Review

Animals Divine Tarot Deck

By Lisa Hunter Author and Illustrator

A Tarot Deck Review

Buy ~ Animals Divine Tarot Deck By Lisa Hunter Author and Illustrator!

The passion and respect that Lisa has for animals and mythology cannot be missed when you look through this amazing deck of tarot cards. Her intention with this deck is to help people to connect to the spiritual power of animals, to help us to communicate with them and to learn to respect all creatures. No matter their size or purpose all creatures have something within them to share with us. It is this ‘something’ that Lisa hopes to bring to all those who use the Animals Divine Tarot deck.

There is so much depth of emotion in these cards that you can almost feel the energies in the creatures as they look at you from the card. I believe these cards to have an empathic ability all of their own and as you use them you will start to feel the sharing of knowledge and wisdom stirring within you. You will feel the wily nature of the coyote, the absolute joy of the dolphins, the loneliness of the vulture and you will feel the question within the sparrow as he tries to decide what to do.

As you hold the hold cards in your hand truly listen to what they are saying, I think you will surprise yourself in what you hear. If it is your desire to understand more about the creatures that we share this wonderful planet with then this is definitely a deck that you should contemplate owning. If you wish to learn more about the spirituality of animals then once again this deck is seriously one that you should consider. You will never regret your decision to own these cards.

Each one of Lisa's beautifully illustrated and painted cards bears a different main creature and within each illustration Lisa has packed many traditional tarot symbols. Some are very well hidden while others are in clear view. In using these symbols Lisa has also shown respect for the traditional tarot as well as given the images an added depth and dimension.

Lisa has also introduced into her deck some of the most powerful Gods and Goddesses from a variety of different native cultures and belief systems. She has paired them with the animals which are familiars to each of the deities to bring in yet another depth and strength into the cards. The powers and mysticisms of the many different cultures, legends and myths are strong and provide you with a range of comparisons designed to bring out the best in you as the reader. You will find in this deck the Celtic goddess Cerridwen, the Egyptian Bast, the Greek goddess Gaia, the Japanese Gama Sennin, the Hindu god Ganesha, the Norse goddess Freya, the Inuit goddess Sedna, the American Indian goddess White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal and the list goes on.

Tarot Cards & Oralce Cards Buy ~ Animals Divine Tarot Deck By Lisa Hunter Author and Illustrator!

Lisa has given very careful consideration and thought as to which animal to put onto each of the 78 cards. As an example consider what better animal could be use as the Fool … none but the coyote, and why? … To quote from Lisa’s book the Animals Divine Companion:

“In native American traditions Coyote is the fool, the teacher, the traveller, the transformer and the trickster.”

The traditional tarot Fool is truly well depicted as the wily coyote, right down to his mischievious grin and his carefree stance.

The cards come packaged with the Animals Divine Companion which is nearly 200 pages of amazing information about each card, an explanation as to why Lisa chose to make this wonderful journey into animal mysticism and also examples of spreads that you can use to help bring out the best in this beautiful deck of cards.

For each of her cards she dedicates 2 pages of information. She shares with you the meanings that she gives to the card, the symbols that she has used with each card and a description of the animal/god/goddess and their wisdoms and the message they want to share with the sitter.

The effort that Lisa put into understanding each of the different myths and cultural gods and goddesses that she has incorporated into the deck is evident by the lengthy bibliography in the back showing how much study she has done. Lisa has also made an amazing effort in learning more about the spiritual qualities of and the communications with animals and taking great care to match each animal to the traditional tarot card that she attaches them to. In doing this she has given the traditional meanings of the tarot cards a brand new perspective, a gamut of emotions and an even deeper spiritual feeling. You can bond to these cards in the way that you would bond with a beloved animal family member.

Buy ~ Animals Divine Tarot Deck By Lisa Hunter Author and Illustrator!

Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

Animals Divine Tarot Deck By Lisa Hunter Author and Illustrator

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