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Spirits of Lochness

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The title picture Spirits of Loch Ness was taken from the top of the Corkscrew Hill looking west along Loch Ness. A woman’s head and a bird in flight can be seen in this picture.

The photographs and explanation below were sent to us by Sarah, Thank you Sarah very much for sharing these special photographs with us.

Cloud seeing is as ancient as astrology and has been utilized by many as a tool for receiving messages for yourself, or for others. Seeing worldly matters, a way for the Angelic Body and other Spirits to appear. The clouds also tell of prophesies.

If you remember seeing different things as a child in the clouds that may have looked like a person, an animal, then you also see cloud spirits.

It is my experience that the Spirits appear first in clouds, or what may look like very thin white energy and float. The more trust that you have with the Spirits and the Spirits with you, the more solid form they will be.

There are 2 pictures in this set that I have sent and the ones in the day time are the Cloud Spirits, the other was taken at 4:am on my back deck. I was up and stepped outside and felt something there, so I went and got my camera and began taking pictures.

I hope everyone enjoys them.


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The Fox

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Angel of Light

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Devine Hands


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