These are some pictures sent into us by our members of what could be ghosts and spirits they have captured on film.

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Juneyblobs has sent in this picture for us to view - Hi, my son, Ben, died way back in 1982 aged just 7 months. I was told sometime after he dies that I would see him again in my grandson. I now have two beautiful grandsons, one of whom reminds me very much of Ben. The attached photo was taken by my son-in-law on a disposable camera. I shows my son, Jamie holding Lewis (the one who reminds me of Ben) and my other grandson, Ryan, opposite. As you can see there isn't very much of Lewis to see at all, I think maybe Ben was making his presence known!

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Just has sent in this picture for us to view - I would be very grateful if you could look at these photos of my daughter and let me know what you think when I saw this I was a bit scared because I didn’t know what it was then I notice things like smell of oranges and an earthly smell along with smoke I would be very grateful if any one could help I have moved from this house now and no longer go back there

love and light and bright blessing to you all and hugsssssssssss
love just



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