These are some pictures sent into us by our members of what could be ghosts and spirits they have captured on film.

Please allow time for the pictures to load.


These are pictures I took of my house at night. There was no one else
with me and no visible signs of any smoke or mist of any kind any where in
the area. It appears this spirit is reaching into my husband's bedroom
(first window on the left). I took it with my back against the garage so I
was not moving at all when I snapped this picture with my digital camera.
The second picture I took the same night facing the front of my home. The
camera lenses was clean, and I did not have anything in front of the camera.
Again there was no one outside with me nor any signs of smoke or mist.
Please let me know your view of these pictures.

Thank you.

Praying Spirit


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To give an indication of the size of this anomaly, the two white lines below it are plant name tags, about 6 cms of each is visible. It was raining at the time this picture was taken, but the drops of rain look like, well, drops of rain! Circular and very much smaller than this.

I thought others would be interested in seeing this and I would be interested in their thoughts and feelings on it :).

Many thanks!


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