These are some pictures sent into us by our members of what could be ghosts and spirits they have captured on film.

Please allow time for the pictures to load.


I am forwarding to you two photos taken by my group here in NY during a Ghost Hunt in a local cemetery.The mist seen in these photos was not visible to the naked eye at the time of the shoot. The person you see in the second photo is EB. She is okay with sharing her photo. Look carefully at the mist. I will say no more than that.

There is an odd "anomaly" in the first photo that appears to be a person on my right. There was no person on my right, nor any other type of obstruction near the lens. That, we dubbed, my "companion" he shows up in many other shots consistently in that lower right corner. In this particular photo, however, he shows up the most detailed, and taking up the most space. It can't be the camera or film because there were 3 sets of film, and two different cameras, still showing this same anomaly.


In the second picture with EB, she felt this. But none of us saw the mist. I'd been watching her carefully. She is very sensitive. At one point she stopped and put her hand to her chest. I called to her and asked her, what was happening. She explained that she felt it hard to catch her breath. That is when I snapped this picture. She then visibly relaxed, and said the sensation was gone. I snapped another picture. The mist is absolutely gone in that one. Oh, and look in the bottom right hand corner. This was a different camera, and a different roll of film, than the first one.

We are meticulous about our hunts, to avoid false positives as we call them. We are careful that there are no fingers in the way, hair is pinned back, camera straps are removed. We do not hunt on high humidity days to avoid orbs caused by moisture. Smoking is not allowed on site to avoid mists caused by the cigs.

We also have our negatives and prints checked by third parties who are well versed in what can cause some weird effects in photos, so that we can rule out mechanical artifacts or processing artifacts.

Anyway, I thought I would share these, and hope that they can be shared in the forum.


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Please check out the pic and let me know your thoughts. Twiggy

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Hi Millymoo hear this picture was taken at my local pub please tell me what you think of it.
I m sure there is something or someone next to fire or is my mind playing tricks on me?

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