These are some pictures sent into us by our members of what could be ghosts and spirits they have captured on film.

Please allow time for the pictures to load.


This is my hubby in the intensive care new born unit at the hospital when our twins were born. Hubby is bathing one of the twins, and as you can see in the photo above, he has someone helping him! There were two photos taken within seconds of each other, the lighting had not changed. I don't know weather the scanned image does these photos justice, but in the original photos there is a red orb with a white/lilac outline, very similar to a native american indian headress. What are everyones thoughts? Love and Light and heaps of hugs Winnie the Pooh xxxxxxxxx

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This picture was taken in my cabin in the mountains, went over for the holiday.
I have always believed there was a ghost in the house. He always made his presence known unpleasantly, for example by banging on walls in the middle of the night, open doors and hovering over the beds. Sporadically over the years that is.

We have owned this house for 18 years. Believe that the previous owner/father/ husband (same person) died there before we bought the property.

In addition just some more info, we took a total of 90 pictures and no where else did that show up. With that said, I will admit that there were 5 people in total smoking cigarettes, so some think it was smoke, but proof shown that in all other pics taken seconds after nothing appeared. I also believe to see a face by the brick wall. P. S I think even if it is smoke its outlining something else. TheEyesOfTrut P.P.S Would love to know what the gang thinks.

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These two pictures were taken in Dublin within a few seconds of each other the photographer explained that the mist in the second picture was not visible at the time of taking the picture.


Was this a Paranormal Experiance


This picture was taken in the wine Cellar at Castell Coch, which means the Red castle. It was only after Redcat looked at the picture on the computer he realised there were faces. The castle is in Tongwynlais, in the North of Cardiff. It is reputedly haunted by 4 ghosts, and apparently one of the scariest at night.


HI! My name is Moonlight and I have experienced a lot of strange things at my old home. I know my mirror is dirty BUT! it looks like an older man behind me on the right side of my shoulder. and on the left top side there is another ghostly face , two eyes nose and smiling mouth. I have seen many face figures on my walls some where very pleasant and some were not. Let me know what you think lol Yours Truly, Moonlight

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