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Reading Runes


Reading Runes

Once you start exploring the world of the Runes, you will discover that many people have developed there own forms of reading the Runes. There are people who simply set aside time each day to read the Runes. Others prefer a more formal approach: lighting candles or perhaps a stick of incense, taking time to compose themselves .Some find meditation helpful.

Focus is important. The Runes like any divining medium works on your energy, the energy you put into the Runes will charge them up and help to make them work better for you, in much the same way as Tarot cards etc.

Like many games, sacred and secular, the Runes are meant to be played upon a field. The field represents the world, you may want to use a special piece of fabric, coloured or white, that you keep for this purpose alone. Your Runes should be kept in a purple bag.

In ancient times, the Rune caster would chant an invocation to Odin --- requesting that the god be present --- and then scatter the stones on to the earth, taking counsel from those that fall face side up.

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Ok, now you have your Runes and field, you’re ready to start casting your Runes.

With an issue clearly in mind, select three Runes, one at a time, and place then from right to left. Once you have selected the Runes, they will lie before you in this fashion: - reading from the right, the first Rune provides the Overview of the situation; the second (centre) identifies the Challenge; and the third Rune (on the left) identifies the course of action called for.

How you happen to turn the Rune stones over may alter the direction of the glyphs to either an upright or reversed position, but this too is part of the process. Since only 9 Runes are read the same, either upright or reversed, the readings for the other 16 will depend on how you place or turn the Rune stone.

Runes An Introduction to Runes


Begin by formulating your issue. Then draw 5 Rune stones from your bag, one at a time, and place them one below each other. In descending order, let the Runes stand for the following:

1. Overview of the situation
2. Challenge
3. Course of action called for

4. Sacrifice

5. New situation evolving

If you select 5 Runes, and place them one below each other in front of you, the odds of drawing this particular set is 607,614 to 1 against

The term, Sacrifice, in the 4th position, is intended as a recognition that life offers you choices or options that are often mutually exclusive.

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