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How to make Runes

Where do I start? Go out and get yourself a set of runes, as they are a much under rated tool and fall way behind in tarot's shadow, which is a shame.

Where do they come from? If the poem of Edda A.D.1200 is to be believed they were a gift from Odin the Norse god, if this is the case, then they are a divine tool to use. Why do we use them you may ask? Well they help us to tune into the inner-self and find answers from within, so a rune reader is tuning into the sitter, in effect, to clarifying information when maybe too much information is clouding the sitter. Yes, at times they do help to link to spirit and give other valuable information too, so they can be a valuable tool to a psychic as an aid.

Who can use them? Everyone that feels comfortable with them as a medium, some people say ‘Nah, I got some and I didn't like them’. There is an easy answer to this - you have not found the right set for you yet. Maybe some people never will, it is the same as tarot, no reader would use a deck they did not feel comfortable with.

I make runes both in sets and also as singles to be worn as a pendant, a talisman in effect, so I will cover this as my first piece how to make your own pendant.

The shape you choose can be an oblong, square, and triangle, round eclipse or totally your own choice. Now look at the choices of material there is wood, stones, crystals, you can even use dough (you just need to varnish it after baking) or any other material you feel is right for you.

Now comes the choice of which rune marking to use, they are all-good and let's face it - you are spoiled for choice as you have 25 to pick from. I believe Teiwaz, the warrior to represent your spiritual warrior, is a good one to put on a talisman to wear. I believe that your spiritual warrior is always on guard for you, and is represented by an arrow.

If you are using wood, you can carve the marking in, or paint it on, personally I prefer burning the mark in, but this is a personal opinion. Then you will need to drill a small hole in it to take a cord, varnish the rune and it is ready to wear, after the varnish has dried.

It represents the spiritual warrior and the battle within the self between the physical and psychic- self. This helps you to tune into your inner-self and helps you acquire patience and attunes you to your spiritual sword. For the single people out there it helps to form a bond between you and a partner. So with this rune you can reach into the inner self to bring out your better qualities instead of hiding them

“They are the Viking runes and I use myself and can recommend them as a great oracle tool. I also recommend The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum for using them to gain insight into your present and your future.” Starryhound

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