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Spirit Guides Many of us wonder if we have a spirit guide or if we have guides with us

Spirit Guides

Many of us wonder if we have a spirit guide or if we have guides with us. These are questions that we are often asked here at Mystic Familiar. Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about Spirit Guides. We hope to answer some of your questions about guides and help you to gain a clearer understanding of Spirit Guides.

Does everybody have a spirit guide or guide?
Yes, everyone has a guide but not everyone chooses to develop their psychic ability to allow them to communicate with their guides. Everyone has freedom of choice in this matter.

Does everyone have a spirit guide? I don't think I do.
I personally believe everyone has a guide, but your term for them may differ from others; you may experience your guide as a sense of well-being and wisdom. You may experience your guide as an angel. You may experience your guide as a coloured shape or figure. You may experience your guide as an animal.

Guides come in any shape or form they feel will allow you to bring them closer to you and feel comfortable in their presence. It's like pulling on a different set of clothes for them; they have many to choose from but are essentially the same spirit person or energy.

Why can't I see or sense my spirit guide?
How do you know you don't? Spirit communication is so subtle; we can easily miss the signs because we are busy looking for something we expect, like a figure in our room or something floating in the air or something equally dramatic.

Spirit people don't wish to alarm or frighten us, so they will take a gentle way. An example may be a tingling or coolness down one side when you think of them. You may feel a slight breeze across the face or sense someone standing to one side. You may also be aware of a colour, scent or sound, which can't quite be explained.

What is important is that your guides need you to let them know they've gotten through! Trust whatever you get and ask for confirmation that this was your guide. You can specify something if you like, but it is preferable to leave it to them...that way you won't focus too much on expectations and miss the subtle reply!

Spirit Guides

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