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Spirit Guides Many of us wonder if we have a spirit guide or if we have guides with us

Sensing Spirit

What is Sensing Spirit? How do we Sense Spirit?

Most psychics and mediums/healers will work with a range of 'paranormal' sensory perception, some of which they will employ long before they even know of spiritual matters.

Clairvoyance is 'clear-seeing' - seeing spirit via the mind. You can use this sense to 'see' on aura colours/shapes, healing dis-ease, spirit people and transfiguration, amongst other things.

Clairsentience is 'clear-sensing' - sensing spirit via the emotions and aura. You can use this to sense spirit standing nearby, to pick up on emotions (empathy is an aspect of clairsentience), to heal and so on.

Clairaudience is 'clear-hearing', where you can hear spirit voices.

There are other 'clairs'; for example: smelling scents, which may be associated with a spirit person, like a perfume, fire smoke, uniform.

Most people have a mixture and are stronger in one or maybe two, but with practice and awareness of how you work with your spirit friends, you can develop the 'weaker' abilities to make a more balanced communication channel.

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