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Ribbon Readings An introduction to reading ribbons. Ribbon Reading is a form of Psychometry. Psychometry readings are brought about through our sensation of touch

Ribbon Readings

An introduction to reading ribbons

Ribbon Reading is a form of Psychometry. Psychometry readings are brought about through our sensation of touch. This occurs through the reader holding an object in their hands that belongs to or has been touched by the person who wishes to be read. The reader senses the energy that the object gives off.

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There are no set meanings to each individual ribbon. Ribbons are read by whatever the individual reader perceives through thought and touch as to what each colour represents to them, this is in fact very similar to that of aura readings where colours mean different things to different people, as long as you understand what a colour represents to you then you are able to read ribbons.

It is best to use an assortment of colours, two of each, and also different textures. The sitter should hold the ribbons for a time and choose ribbons with their eyes closed, this will ensure they do not choose their favourite colours. It would be normal for the sitter to choose between four and six colours.

When reading the ribbons feel each one, feel the texture of it. Is it rough or is it smooth? Think about what the colour of each ribbon in turn mean to you? For example Red and smooth may mean love, Red and textured may mean trouble in love. Purple may represent peace and tranquillity, spiritualism. Blue compassion. Brown earth connections.

How does each ribbon feel? Do any emoticons come to you? Do any pictures come to your mind? If so what pictures do you see?

Offer anything that you receive to your sitter, it may feel to you that it is something small and irrelevant but it maybe a very important piece of information to the sitter.

Most of all relax and enjoy the experience and don’t try to hard to receive any messages just let whatever comes to mind flow.

Practise as often as you can, with your friends, family, tell them that you are just learning I am sure they will be more than willing to let you practice on them and you will find that you will soon be able to offer a ribbon reading with confidence.


Written by Serenemooncat. Edited and Designed by Sol © Mystic Familiar February 2005

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