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Psychometry Readings An introduction to psychic readings by Psychometry Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Mystic Familiar Free Psychic and Spiritual chat rooms

Psychometry Readings

An introduction to psychic readings by Psychometry

To explain the word psychometry, psyche and metry, spirit and material.

Psychometry is a way to sense things from a person through an object. This is a nice and helpful way to get an easier link with someone, living or dead.

By the use of psychometrie practices a reader can be linked through a necklace, a ring, or anything else only that a person worn, or touched or through a picture.

The meaning of psychometry is to feel into the energy left around that object by that person. Every item you wear or carry around you will leave your energy in and it will remain there until someone else will take that object from you then they will leave his/her energy in it.

In order to perform this it is best to have an object only worn by one person, this will prevent you from sensing things from different people

The first step to psyhometry would be to hold someone’s hand and to sense into that person energy, I will skip that part, although it easiest to start with that first though.

When you have something like a ring or a watch or something you can play around a bit with it, feel what is in your hand, look at it perhaps, or just hold it and try to feel the energy left in it.

When touching it you automatically connect with the energy around it but normally you dont think of it.

I will give some steps to work with this:

1: Clear your mind

Make sure to clear your thoughts and feelings and place yourself in the light which suits you the most.

2: Be open to the object

After that you take the object and allow yourself open to everything it tells you, for myself me it all came through feelings at first and it felt like I was just feeling normal things.

To give an example I felt as if I had bumped my knee on something but had only just started to feel it, these things and perhaps even smaller things are little symbols that tell you something about the person the object belongs to, this can also happen as hearing/seeing/knowing something. They might be real small and apparently insignificant to ourselves but are related.

Something to keep in mind though when you first start with this, everything will come to you in its own way, when you feel something always ask yourself if its yours, if it goes away when you putted the object down or any other way that suits you then its from the object, if you suffer from migraines or something try to keep away from feelings coming from there to start with.

3: Interoperating the feeling/image/etc.

To use the example above:

I always check first what side of the body it is: left or right side, this indicates to me that left is for the past and for the feelings and right is for the future and or materialism.

I try to feel to see if it feels like a real pain, a pain that the person might feel or if its a pain that is caused inside my mind in my imagination only, not feeling as if it is located on the spot itself.

Following the example earlier, it was on the left side and it felt to me that it had to do with feelings from the past
then I started asking myself why I felt it? I did not get an answer to that, the pain did not go up my leg or something like when its caused from overusing a muscle or something.

Then I asked myself what that pain causes, I figured for myself that I would be dragging that leg a bit, this felt comfortable to me so I went on thinking what would cause someone to drag a leg around like that, for this I had to focus more on what I felt. It felt as if it felt like something was hanging on my leg or pulling it or things like that.

It appeared to me to feel as if I was dragging that leg around as if some weight from the past was hanging on it.

Then I went on to feel what kind weight and was given an image of a person.

I could go on explaining what I did but all this is different for everyone, you'll experience it all in your own way and interpret it in that way also, sometimes it will be obvious and you will know it right away but sometimes, like with this example, you'll have to look for it.

4: Offer what you receive

After interpreting this for yourself always try to give it back to whom the object belongs, always keep in mind that you might interpret something in a slightly different way which makes that person misunderstand, expect that you might have to rephrase what you're saying.

5: Practice

This all might seem hard, for some it's easy for some its harder, luckily it went easy on me, thanks to some good help from a friend who explained while I was practicing.

The more you do it the faster you get at it and the easier you'll know what the object tries to tell you.

6: Help

When starting with this you can also ask your guidance, or spirit guides to help you feel and sense into the object so that you will receive help in understanding each object you work with.

7: Tip

Try to start with feeling and sensing into a person first, hold someone’s hands, when you feel that you are starting to become aware of things from the people you do this with move onto objects, once you feel that you are receiving information form objects then go onto pictures. Note: Place the picture upside down - so you will not become distracted by the person in the picture and this way your mind will not be tempted use your imagination to fill in little bits that do not belong to the person.

A little note all times stick to what comes to you, when something does you can ask further about these things and see what is given to you.

8: Continuing

At first you might not feel anything at all; perhaps it is nice to start with learning to get rid of thoughts and feelings of the day first. If you are able to go as far as being able to feel and sense into objects maybe then it might be a nice option to try this from a distance but on the person themselves.
You might start with keeping your hands close to that person and as things start to become clearer you can move further away. This can carry on up to the distance of a person on the other side of the world.
I hope this all sounds clear and is useful to you on your journey.


Written by Protection. Edited and Designed by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2004

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