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Psychic Attack and Psychic Protection

Many people ask about Psychic Protection and Psychic Attack and how to protect themselves from attack. Many people do not realise that the negative thoughts and action from others can cause us to suffer from psychic attack and good psychic protection is a must. We are often asked what is the best way to Protect ourselves from Psychic Attack at Mystic Familiar. Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about Psychic Protection and Psychic Attack. We hope to answer some of your questions and help you to gain a clearer understanding of Psychic Attack and Psychic Protection.

Why do we need to ground and protect?
In life we meet people that we cannot get along with and walk away from them. On the Internet this is something we cannot always do and this is one of the many reasons we ground and protect; so we do not feel our personal space is being invaded. Grounding and protecting does also help in our day-to-day lives, proving useful in crowd situations, for example. If you are empathic you may pick up on other peoples feelings or emotions. Grounding and protecting will help you to avoid taking on things that are not yours i.e. moods, aches, anger and anxiety.

Is there such a thing as an evil spirit?
You can get what I would call an unhappy spirit, one that has not yet crossed over. That's why it is important to ground and protect, so they cannot attach to your energy. If you ever feel frightened remember you are in control and say to the unhappy spirit: if you are from the light then you are welcome. If you are not, then go.

I have found that some people always ask for clarification about things because they do not always see things as others do, and because they do not have a stereotypical experience they tend to question the legitimacy of it.

In answer to anyone who has experienced or questioned themselves I would reiterate that most experiences are personal to you, and will never be exactly the same as someone else’s. Intuition is a powerful thing, as is self belief. Sometimes is it difficult as we want to know that we are 'normal' and try to compare our experiences with others.

To some degree I think that conformation like this helps, but would also strongly state that our experiences are as personal as our own selves. Our perceptions will vary greatly, and that will effect what we pick up. When people have got to a certain point along their paths, they find they trust themselves a lot more about what they receive, but before reaching that point it can be a minefield of uncertainties.

Personally the best way I have found to help with this transition is to accept that you have received something, but try not to categorise your experience and make it fit into a certain pigeon hole. Accept that this experience was personal to you and that you were meant to experience it in this way, as the more you are able to accept these things, the easier it will become for you. Also trust your intuition again... if you feel that this was a certain 'type' of experience then it probably was... just don’t get yourself upset when it does not match others experiences of the same topic.

A few keywords I would give to those people who are experiencing this are:

Belief: that it is perfectly normal for an experience not to fit into a typical assumption.

Why is it important to close down when you are not working with spirit?
Well you lock your door when you go out so that no uninvited guest can enter while you are not there. It is the same with your closing ritual.

While you are open you are saying to spirit welcome come and talk sit down and have a chat over coffee. While we all enjoy our friends visiting, we do not want them to outstay their welcome, and we do have a life to lead and things to do. If you let them spirit would be with you 24/7.

You need to set limits, be firm with spirit. It is you that is in control, you that is doing spirit a favour by helping them to pass on messages to their loved ones. If you don’t set boundaries then you are in danger of burnout, but if it is what works for you, if it is right for you then use it.


Psychic Attack and Psychic Protection

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