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Psychic Medium Reading

Psychic Medium Reading

Many people ask when they come for a Mediumship Reading if a reader can contact a specific person for them, or how long after a loved one has passed before a message will come though or where do our loved ones go when they pass over. Here you will find some of these most commonly asked questions about Mediumship Readings. When seeking a reading people often ask if the readings at Mystic Familiar are really free and the answer is yes we never charge for any readings this includes psychic medium or tarot reading. We hope to answer some of your questions about these readings and help you to gain a clearer understanding of Mediumship.

Can you contact my loved one my mum, my dad, my aunt etc?
During mediumship work the medium does not choose which spirits come to them; the medium is merely a channel to pass the messages on. This can be likened to an old-fashioned telephone exchange operator. The operator did not control who was going to call whom but when you made a call she connected you with the person you wished to talk to, if possible.
This is not to say your loved one will not come through, it just means the medium cannot promise a connection to any one person in spirit.

How long is it before those who've passed on can contact us?
You will hear different opinions on this but it does seem to be the case that it depends very much on the actual circumstances of their passing and how much personal spiritual awareness the person has. Some people can contact their loved ones almost immediately. Others may take months or even years. There is no definitive answer, but do not feel there is something wrong if a loved one does not speak to you through a medium or other method. There is no blame or anger in the spirit state; all things are understood and forgiven.

Some people worry if a loved one has passed under tragic circumstances such as suicide, or through the hands of another, and ask will that person be ok.
The answer is definitely; our souls are all of equal value, and everyone who passes except really advanced souls such as highly spiritually evolved and wise souls all have a transition period of healing. So regardless of whether you have passed through a physical illness or a traumatic event such as through the hands of someone else or suicide it is irrelevant in the spirit world.

We are all equal and all loved equally, so please do not worry. Your loved ones will always be treated with the same love and respect as the next soul, they will go to the healing rooms
for a period of time and they will be healed and happy and loved.

What are the healing rooms?
There are varying answers to this, but broadly speaking, the healing rooms or halls of healing are where recently passed souls go to recover. They may require healing because of the illness or incident which ended their life, or to remove other traumatic energies which remain in the spirit aura after death. As in any state of transition, for some people it takes a while to re-establish a balance and move on. Others may adapt very quickly, which is why some people return with messages almost at once and others take a much longer time.

How do I get a free reading at Mystic Familiar?
There are many different types of readings; we do tarot, runes, crystal readings, empathic, clairvoyance, clairaudience and many more psychic and mediumship readings. All readings are given in the chat rooms, for your own safety. No personal details or information is shared with others. All our psychic medium readings are free.

The easiest way to get a reading is to post a request on the Reading Requests for Free Psychic and Mediumship Readings message board in our forum. This means that our psychics and mediums will see that you are looking for a reading and they can keep an eye out for you in the chat rooms. You can also ask in the chat rooms any night and if a reader is available, they may be able to connect for you and give a reading. Do remember, however, that all our readers are volunteers and may not wish to read at that time.


Psychic Medium Reading

If you have any question you would like to ask please do post on our Psychic Forum where our psychic and mediums readers will be happy to help you. You must be registered and signed in to post on our forum.

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