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Psychic Medium Development

Psychic Medium Development

Many of us wonder if we are psychic or if we have medium abilities these are questions that we are often asked here at Mystic Familiar. Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about Psychic Medium Development. We hope to answer some of your questions about Psychic Medium gifts and abilities and help you to gain a clearer understanding of Psychic Medium Development.

Am I psychic? Do you think I have psychic gifts or abilities?
Yes everyone is psychic, but you choose how far you wish to develop and expand this part of yourself. We always have freedom of choice.

I want to explore my psychic gifts and abilities but I am afraid and frightened of the unknown?
Everyone who has ever walked this path has had those same fears and worries. When you know that they all have experienced this and will be able to support you, you will overcome your fears. You will find as you explore this part of yourself that when you look back, you can see that it is more frightening crossing a busy road. It's the unknown that scares us and as you learn more, things will become less frightening. There are a large amount of circles and classes on Mystic Familiar, all free, to help you learn and make things easier in your spiritual development.

How do I know this is not my imagination and all in my head and I am going mad?
Just the sheer fact you are questioning yourself means you are not going mad. If you were, you would not be capable of questioning yourself. Wishing to know more about your psychic abilities and the world around you is the sign of an open, enquiring mind.

I am beginning to open up but I am scared. Is this normal?
Yes, this is normal. You are scared because the working with spirit is the unknown. In time you will overcome this. Trust in yourself.

Psychic Medium Development

If you have any question you would like to ask please do post on our Psychic Forum where our psychic and mediums readers will be happy to help you. You must be registered and signed in to post on our forum.

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