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Pendulum Readings

An introduction to psychic readings using a Pendulum

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A Pendulum or Pendy can be anything weighted suspended on string, rope or ribbon. A Pendulum can be made of brass, copper, glass, wood, almost anything. The shape is best if the bottom is pointed. The string can be silk, cotton, metal, gold, any material will do. The Pendulum may be store bought or home-made. Very flexible.

Anyone can use a pendulum. The more you use it , the more adept at it you will become. The more your mind and your ego stay out of the way, the more successful and accurate the results will be.

In order for you to be completely successful with the pendy, you must be completely relaxed. Make yourself tranquil. This is very important, and may be the hardest thing for you. Your mind and your emotions must be neutral . It is too easy to influence the pendy with your subjective desires.

One trick to clearing your mind is to repeat over and over and ask "What will the answer be"? "What will the answer be"? It is important that when you ask, that you have nothing invested in the answer.

It is important to ask the pendy Yes or No questions, You cannot ask a question like, "Will I go to Spain or Australia"? You can ask instead "Will I be going to Spain" and then again "Will I be going to Australia"? Your questions must be very straight forward.

Your questions have to be phrased in a clear and specific manner. Your nervous system cannot translate an essay question and expect and answer from the pendulum. Nor ask what concerns you now.

Remember that your subconscious is what influences the pendy, and spirit influences the subconscious mind.

Hold the chain of the pendy loosely between your thumb and forefinger or the middle finger (your choice). Allow as much of the string as you need for the pendulum to move freely. Between two to four inches, kKeep relaxed, breathe deeply in and out and shake that tension away.

Make sure you are grounded, Make sure you are comfortable, and for the best successes, make sure you are not tired. A good position would be sitting upright in a chair.

Feet uncrossed and on the floor. Let your elbow rest on a table, let the arm be supported and steady. If you have a television or other people near you, it would be best to turn them both off (lol). It is important to be totally present and completely focused on what you are doing.

Okay, the best way to train your pendy is by asking obvious Yes or No questions. You can ask it, Am I a female? or Do I live at 123 Jane Doe Street, questions where the answers are plain and straight forward. When the pendy is swinging the correct way... you will feel a certain vibration.

This vibration is like trust with spirit. Feel it and let it be. Then go on to the next obvious question. This is the start of a great relationship that you and your pendy will establish for the rest of your life.


Written by Kimberlee Mystic Familiar 2008

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