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The Windy Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon
Windy Moon

February 19 to March 20

On With the cold nights slipping off in to the distance, the warmth of spring begins to whisper on the winds. The crows caw in the distance alerting us to the coming of spring. Soon will be the time of planting and plowing and the celebration of Mother Earth’s fertility.

This month the full moon falls on the 11th of March, which is the ten days before the spring equinox. The moon will be bright in the night sky shining from dusk till dawn. Rising at approximately 6:30 pm, she will shine in all her glory upon a stark world ready for
Rebirth. Dates; Full on March 11, 2009 – Spring begins March 20, 2009 – New Moon March 26, 2009 – April’s Full Moon on 09, 2009 – Good Friday April 10, 2009 and Easter April 12, 2009.

Easter is the Christian name of a holiday that is much older. The original name of this “fire festival” is Ostara, this Ostara was named after the goddess of fertility. There are many who choose to celebrate this holiday in many ways, which are to numerous to name, so hope you have fun, however you choose to celebrate it. As I hang bright colored eggs from my holiday tree and look for bunnies, I may warm myself by the fire and listen to the birdsong on the wind. For the sent of spring is on the air and I gratefully await her arrival. I shall set my stones out for their monthly moon bath, and offer a prayer to mother earth, and grandmother moon. I will utter a prayer for those less fortunate than I, then sit in silence and await the arrival of my fairy friends.
As the windy moon blows across the skies, remember the chills that come are only brief and warmth is close behind.

So now is the time to prepare a mental picture of the garden you will soon be planting. Have you acquired the seeds you need? Do you have little starts growing? This is the time to also prepare your spiritual growth, paths to walk, things to study and learn. It is a great time of shedding of old and growing the new. What is no longer a service can be shed to prepare room for what is to come. In closing, I wish you all silver beams, and golden dreams from this moon till the next.

The Windy Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon


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Written by Jejal © Mystic Familiar 2009

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