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The Rose Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon

also known as the Strawberry Moon, Flower Moon, Honey Moon, Hot Moon, Planting Moon

Windy Moon


June Full Moon

The warm breezes blow through the leaves of the trees. The sweet smell of nectar waifs through the night air.. Crickets sing and owls hoot. Spring has sprung and summer is in bloom, Or should I say the roses are in full bloom. This is the time of the rose moon. Sometimes known as the strawberry moon as this is the time of their short harvest.

Many of us are working our little fingers to the bone, growing our gardens and such, just don’t over work yourself, and remember to enjoy it. With the warm nights, it’s as if magic just floats in the air, growth is at a height and Mother Nature is open to all things mystical and magic. Who knows it could lead up to a mid summers night dream.
The rose moon will rise on June 7 at about 2:12 pm and will be high in the sky as the evening falls, this will be a great night to bring out all those stones that need a good moon bath. It is also a good night to collect a little blessed moon water.

This is an easy task and works well for so many things. I begin by getting a nice large silver bowl. Fill it with water, then offer it to grandmother moon and ask her to bless it with her light. Allow your bowl of water to remain in the moon light all night and in the morning thank the moon for her gift.

Moon water works well to clean crystals, (the ones that can go in water). It is good for a nice face rinse in the morning, it works great in a misting bottle for your plants, they love moon water, and the bird bath, or fairy tub as I call it. I do this most full moons, but summer seems to work best as the weather is warm and you can enjoy your time outside in the evenings.

As the summer nights are warm and enjoyable, you will find yourself daydreaming more, this may also be a good time to start a dream journal. Or start a spiritual scrapbook. Use it to jot down thoughts, dreams, or ideas. This is a great way to track your journey. Well, all, I am off to enjoy the evening and wait for the moon to rise. So to you and yours, on silver moonbeams, I wish to you great gifts and magical dreams.

Until the next moon.


The Rose Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon


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Written by Jeja © Mystic Familiar 2009

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