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The Red Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon

also known as the Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon & Grain Moon

Red Moon August Full Moon

The rising of the red moon was a sign to the natives of the north that the time of the sturgeon was upon them. Now more then any other time, they were the easiest to catch. This is also the time of the green corn.

It is a time of anticipation, the things we have planted will soon be ready for the harvest, and our hard work will soon pay off. As summer begins to wind down, we see the telltale signs of fall slowly creeping into the picture. We are all out enjoying summer, which is in full swing but it is like the mid-summer night’s dream, all is as it is, and will soon dwindle into what will be. Summer is almost closing her door and the time of the harvest is coming near, have we planted enough to carry us through the winter to come?

There is still time to prepare for the coming harvest. But do not spend all your time in anticipation. Be out there enjoying the summer sun. Grow your flowers, herbs, trees, etc.

The full red moon will rise high in the summer sky on the night of August 5th at roughly 8:55pm. It will appear to be a reddish tint as it rises through the sultry haze of the summer night sky. This is a great night to leave a special gift out for our fairy friends. They love the summer nights most of all. A few little trinkets or some treats of cheese and wine, will keep them happy and dancing deep into the starlit hours of the night. Of course you could always light the bonfire and dance the night away with them. I am sure they would love the company.

As the red moon rises, I plan to greet her with my arms and heart wide open. I will give my ston es their moon bath and refresh my collection of moon water. I may just float some candles in the birdbaths and set up the yard for a fairy dance. My garden, being at its peak will surely bring the fairy queen herself. I can hardly wait. Shakespeare sure knew how to write about the beauty of the summer nights, now it is up to us to get out there and enjoy it.

As the night is danced into the dawn, dreams of love and laughter I send to you and yours, on moonbeams with fairy dreams from this moon till the next……………blessings to you and yours.

The Red Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon


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Written by Jeja © Mystic Familiar 2009

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