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The Pink Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon
Pink Moon

Aprils Full Moon

The full moon's that return each season were given names by many tribes that lived during that time many hundred years ago and to this day we cast our eyes on the seasonal moon's that beckon to us. Their energies seem to call to us and echo from long ago as they always seem to whisper a message just for us.

April's Full Moon also is known by other names as well let’s see what some of these are; Full Sprouting Grass Moon, Seed Moon, Egg Moon, Budding Full Moon,

Full Fish Moon due to the tiny shad moving upstream so they can spawn, Hare Moon, Hawk Moon and the Full Pink Moon due to the a wild flower called the ground Phlox which likes to cover the ground and blooms early in the spring. The Pink Moon is known as the garden month in celebration of th goddness of spring and fertile season.

The bringing forth of growth and celebration. Its Easter Bunnies and eggs, and lots of candies. Easter derive its name from Eostara which means aurora the bright lights of the sky. Children love Easter, it is a great holiday for being out in nature. But where did that all come from? Bunnies don’t lay eggs. In the 18th century, people would find eggs on the ground in what looked like hare nests. And thought Hares, unlike rabbits, must lay eggs. But they had been fooled by the lapwings and other types of plovers. Which are all ground nesters. The tradition has grown over the years, into a full blown celebration.

On April the 9 2009 at 10:56 EDT the April Full Pink Moon will appear, named after the Phlox which is a wonderful herbal perennial shrub. With its fresh green leaves and pink flowers the early settlers must have known that spring was returning soon. Long ago marked a time of getting things ready and waiting for planeting and so marks this April Pink Moon as a seasonal return for what's your personal desires that need to be viewed now and see where it needs to be nurtured.

When the Pink Full Moon arrives in April let your emotions turn to healing with any personal relationship you might have as the moon brings our cool silvery energies into focus we begin to heal from our emotional self. Moon rules the feminine energy we have inside of us and this applies to how we response and react to things in our environment. As the moon rules waters, rains, and tides of the earth so she does appear to have a say in our daily lives as well, so take time during this April month of the Pink Moon and harness a new energy in how you look upon your life and bask in the treasures of what you have and will have, remember to explore and reach out like our flowering Phlox and spreading, ever searching for new ways to bring yourself into new light.

The Pink Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon


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Written by Jeja © Mystic Familiar 2009

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