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The Corn Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon

also known as the Fruit Full Moon

Red Moon September Full Moon

The many cultures the phases of the moon marked ceremonies these phases of the moon each month and seasonal action of the moon was like a barometer to activate seasonal activities such as planting, picking the fruits and berries, harvesting the crops and showing when it was time to migrate before the deep snows came. The Native American’s would have noticed the changes occurring all around them, the ducks and geese in flight would have told them soon would be the time to break down their tepee’s and gathered their belongings and thus followed the animal herds of deer and buffalos. The seasonal moon’s also held spiritual knowledge it was a time when a shaman went into a sweat lodge and might have a vision quest gaining access to the portals of the spirit world to help aid and heal his people.

The distinctive names of each full moon became a tradition to Native American’s and each full moon has its own name marking a time of certain activities and September’s full moon is the known as the Corn Full Moon. When the full moon occurs early in September it marks a time when the fruit is ripe and time to begin picking it so its also known as the Fruit Full Moon as well. Autumn begins on September 22 and that would be the time of harvesting the planets so the following full moon would be known as the Harvest Full Moon that occurs in October. In September on Friday 4th 2009 at 12:03 am EDT will be the full moon, new moon will occur on September 18th and the autumn begins on September 22nd
The Corn Full Moon is a time when an individual expresses what emotions he/she needs to view (our fruits of our labours in the past months what they brought us, reflects on the Native American’s in the south east and how they gathered the fruits and berries and made ready for the long winter months ahead) so it’s this time being spent on our emotions and our physical energies, what an individual must do to release what we don’t need and bring forth a new perspectives or fruits that need to be planned for.

In zodiac reference an individual born during the months of September 22nd through October 22nd would be Crow, the elements of earth and air with Jasper as their zodiac stone. The Crow person brings changes and with every transition phase there is a time of new decisions and planning so the energy of death and renewal takes form as the energy buds outward and forms new areas within the emotional and physical systems. There is also an energy of justice too that shapes this person as they seek a balance in their daily life, the pull of energies that keeps the crow seeking inner rhythms of wisdom to handle the outside world that the crow finds himself being a big part of. Synchronization of wing flight that of the crow to reaching a certain point within the balance soul.

The Corn Moon ~ Know Your Full Moon


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Written by Jeja © Mystic Familiar 2009

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