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Power Objects Meditation

A meditation to find Power Objects

Shamanic Pathway - Shamanism

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Relax yourself.. Using your favourite techniques... to your safe place.. Your sacred space... sit for a moment and set your intent.. the reason for your intent... your going to journey onto the underworld to find your power objects... so allow your mind to clear of any ideas of what you think you need or want... just accept you will find what you really need... ask that you be guided.. Guarded and protected.. and make your way to the exit to the left pathway.. the downwards path

Were in a forest... old oaks stand like massive sentinels.. Willowy birch.. Nodding in the slight breeze... in the background the singing of birds and crickets and other wonderful creatures dance and play in the morning sunshine... herbs and grasses scrunch against your feet regaling you with their aromatic scents... as you look down.. it seems that you are following a game trail... without even noticing you are on a path.. As you follow it... deeper and deeper into the woods.. Really notice the all that’s about you.. The smells and sounds and colours...

Soon you come to a small stream.. Bubbling.. Laughing over pebbles and small rocks.. clear and fresh... you lean down and scoop some in your hand... cold and clear... from the river... as you drink it... you feel it coursing down your throat... and bursting into life as it reaches your stomach...

You take another scoop... and as it get to your mouth... it seems to change into light.. Energy... it follows the water down your throat... and as it does.. Your whole body becomes alight.. Buzzing and vibrating with this wonderful... scintillating... energy.. You feel strong and energised..

As you stand... you seem taller.. The colours brighter.. The sounds of the wildlife sing sweeter.. The smells of the forest.. Fuller... and you continue along the path as it curves to the left... gently downwards... until you reach a clearing... there in the centre.. A huge toadstool.. Its colours shining in the sunshine... and resting on the top an object...

You approach and pause.. Take a breath and accept the object there.. your power object... from your pocket... you take out a gift to replace it... something given in love to thank whoever left the power object here for you...

You turn and leave... holding tight to the object... back to the stream where you scoop more water.. This time the energy returns to being cool clear water.. and as you drink your fill.. You feel calm and strong... the colours and smells.. Your senses.. return to more normal abilities... yet leave you with a more sensitive respect for mother nature...

Back on the path again.. going upwards and curving to the right... soon you return to your sacred space.. You enter it and sit... observe it clearly.. Closely... accept its power and teachings... as you study the power object you may discover it uses and meanings reveal themselves to you now or it may be at a later time that the insights and meanings that the power object contains will be revealed to you... when you return to the normal world... remember to watch for any item that resembles this power object... you may find that you will come across an item in the everyday world.. whose energies and similarities match this object that you have been given... know that you will soon learn to work with it.. and learn from it.....

With a deep.. Deep breath.. Return


Take a sip of water to help you return fully to earth

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Shamanism - Power Objects Meditation A meditation to find Power Objects - Shamanic Pathway - Shamanism

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Written by Scott4hypno, Designed & Editing by Sol © 2005

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