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White light Meditation

Sit quietly somewhere where there is no distractions or disturbance, close your eyes and breath in a long slow deep breath, hold your breath and then release the breath. Do this 10 times, and soon your will find you are becoming more calm and contented and your breathing becomes more peaceful.

Now within us all there is a pure value. This value is what we base our conscience or morals on. This value is the doorway between our higher self and God or the Greater Good. Visualize, or imagine this ‘value’ as a Power or a White Light shining from deep within you. You are a part of this Power, as this Power is a part of you. Give this Power authority to expand within you, to cleanse you, to bring you into a oneness with this Power.

Feel yourself being touched by this Beauty, this Love, this Power, your Guardian Angel, as it radiates the White Light of Peace to every part of your body, soul, mind and spirit. Allow this Power to spread out from you, to touch everything and everyone within the room where you are now, and on to all rooms and to all people within your home, environment.

Now within your mind, make a statement to those thoughts that have caused you worry, concern, unhappiness or any thoughts that are not making you contented and happy. Imagine these thought of worry etc as actual people’s comments. Tell these thought that you want them to leave you and not to come back. Now this is going to take some discipline. Every time you start to get these thoughts seeping back, call on your Angel deep within you, to dismiss them from you completely.

As you get used to this Action Prayer or White Light Meditation, you will automatically feel your Angel is with you and it will be almost like you have no problems at all. They are dismissed before they have a change to get hold. Thank your Guidance for all that They have done for you, and hand over to Them all those matters or people that may have caused you the worry or concern.

Assume that whatever happens from this point on, come from Spirit of the Highest Order. Not only in matters that you have passed over, but in all aspects of you daily life and remember Your Higher Guidance will never give you anything that will harm you.

Stay quietly in this meditation till you feel you are ready to come back, and then slowly slip back into the now. Just before you open your eyes, take a quick deep breath. Don’t be in a rush to get up, wait for a little while and notice the difference in the way you now feel to the way you were before.

It is good to be able to do this little Action Prayer every day, either in the morning or at night or both if you prefer. Allow about 10 minutes and as you become more comfortable with it, extend it to a longer period if you wish.

Remember the Angel represents all that your morals and conscience believe to be Good. It is not a separate being from outside of you but is a part of you, and is the connection between you and the Greater Good or God.

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This Spiritually Guided meditation was received from sprit in 1998 by Pete the Psychic Medium. It always remains the property of the greater good.


Recived by PetePsych from spirit, Designed by Sol.

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