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Meditation, a collection of Meditations to use when meditating, help with how to start meditating, easy meditations to follow and chat subscription available to help you grow spiritually


Meditation can really make a big difference to your life, your health and your wellbeing. Mediation can help you to feel more at ease in your day to day life and help you to deal with the things that life throws at you. You will be truly amazed at how mediation can help you! Learn how to meditate. Here you will find an introduction to the basics of meditation and with our many mediations you will learn how to relax and reduce the stress you feel in your life. If you have ever wondered how to meditate, or tried to meditate but failed then we can help you. Join our spiritual development classes here at Mystic Familiar and join in with our meditation classes. Make a change for the better to your life now with meditation. Let Mystic Familiar help you.

This is a Meditation index of Meditations that can be found in Mystic Familiar whether using Meditation for Relaxation or Psychic Development Meditation can help bring balance to our lives.

Visually Guided Meditations


Visually Guided Meditations from the Mystic Familiar Circles Archive

Beach Meditaion 1 ~ Beach Meditation 2 ~ Bubble Meditation ~ Cleansing Meditation for Healing

Cottage Meditation ~ Dragon Meditation ~ Elder & Child ~ Enchanted Forest Meditation

Fairy Realm Meditation ~ First Journey from Your Sacred Space

Flight of the Dragon ~ Flushing Negative Energy ~ Flying with Merlin ~

Forest Meditation with Our Anima Guides ~ Garden Meditation

Global Oneness Meditation ~ Healing Pool Meditation

The Hill Above the Town Meditation ~ Indian Village Meditation

Journey Meditation ~ Knights Meditation ~ Lake Meditation ~ Mayan Temple Meditation

Medicine Wheel Meditation ~ Meeting the Old Oak Tree ~ Meeting Your Guardian Angel ~

A Visit to Meet Merlin ~ Nature Meditation ~
Sphinx Meditation ~

Spirit Guides Meditation ~ Stone Chair Meditation ~ Stone Circle Meditation

Waterfall Meditation ~ Yellow Brick Road



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