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Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is the one main route to self development and spiritual growth. Through meditation we can find inner peace which can be very hard to find in today’s modern society. Many People ask how you learn to meditate and say that they find it impossible as they have found their mind to be extremely busy and impossible to still. This brain activity convinces many people that they are not able to meditate and you may feel that is exactly the experience you have had while attempting to meditate in the past.

We can often be astonished at this busy brain activity as we have been unaware in the past that our brains are as active as they are. This is normal and very few people are able to sit for the fist time to meditate or in fact for many attempts afterwards.

What then is the point in meditating when our minds are so obviously busy with so many things I hear you say? Meditation helps us to take control over our minds allowing us to have time off from the incessant chatter that our minds are full off. You may feel that you do not wish to put limits on your mind or control it, that you feel that your mind should be allowed to run freely and so it should. The problem with this is our minds are not free as they are held down and cluttered with outmoded thoughts and ideas that we have no need for. Meditation can truly free our minds.

Why free our minds and what will this do for me? Apart from freeing our minds from unwanted or outmoded thoughts and allowing room for more important and useful information in our lives. We can reduce the worry and guilt that bogs us all down, these states of mind keep us in the future or stuck in the past but both preventing us from being active in our lives at this place and time. Meditation can release the stresses and strains of everyday life. For those wishing to work on their development it can help you to connect with your individual gifts and connect to your guides. Whatever the reason meditation is an excellent way to improve the quality of your life.

How then can I learn to meditate? This takes time and practice there is no quick fix or route to this but is well worth the effort and takes little time out of each day to work on and the benefits we receive in our everyday lives are great.

Your will need a quite place.
Check that your clothes are loose and that you are not restricted in any way.
Choose something to look at this can be a candle, a plant, an ornament anything of your choice and place it in front of you where you can see it comfortably.
Sit in a comfortable chair.
Place your feet flat on the floor
Lay your hands palms upwards on your lap
Allow yourself to relax
Let your shoulders roll outwards
Look at your chosen object and let the tension flow out of your body
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth
With each outward breath allow your body to relax
Once you feel relaxed bring your attention to your thoughts
In your thoughts tell your mind to be still, shhhh
Each time your notice that another though has arrived
Tell your mind to be still, shhhh and bring your attention back to your object

Do this for 5 to 10 minutes a day and you will find that you mind becomes gradually stiller and that your day to day life becomes much more balanced. As you develop this you can meditated for longer until you find an amount of time that suits you and your lifestyle.

We hold Visually Guided Meditation circles on site where we gather together with like minded individuals to meditate as a group this can be of great help to your focus. Working within a group helps to raise your energy level which is a wonderful experience.

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