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Chakra Meditation

A meditation to help balance your energy, open your charkas & align your chakras

Seat yourself comfortably in a chair and place both feet on the ground. Allow your body to relax and let your arms rest loosely at your side. Breathe deeply and feel yourself relax as you do so. Allow your breath to become deeper and more even, relaxing with every breath.

Allow yourself to become more relaxed with every breath you take and as you do release all the cares in your life, letting go of your thoughts allowing your mind to become quiet and still.

Imagine a red flower bud at the base of your spine. As it starts to open see that it is vibrant and full of life energy. This joins you to the earth and her energy. This flower is the bases of our everyday existence. It promotes self love and care of you.

Now move your attention along the spine imagine an orange flower bud in the area of the lower abdomen to about two inches below the navel. As it starts to open see that it is the core of your emotions. The energy from this flower allows you to feel contented and happy. Accommodating these feelings of happiness and contentment that comes from your bodily enjoyment helps to provide a balance in your life.

Now move your attention along the spine to the base of the rib cage to the area of your solar plexus. Imagine a yellow flower bud starting to open and as it opens you see the energy that flows from it, this is the energy of your creativity. Breathe and feel the beauty of your creativity.

Now move your attention along your spine to the area of your heart. Imagine a beautiful green flower bud starting to unfurl feel the love that pours fourth from it, this is the spring of the love that you have, the love that fills all that you are and all that you do. Allow yourself to feel this love, and know that it keeps you warm in its care.

Moving your attention on along the spine to the throat area, imagine a blue flower opening. This is the opening of your inner influence, your guidance to sincerity, truthfulness and understanding. Take time to listen to this voice and it will guide you.

Now moving your attention up into your head to the centre of your brow, see the indigo flower bud that starts to unfurl as its petals open become aware of the presence of your own spirit. In the energy that comes from the opening petals you become strong and more aware of your intuition.

Rising up now to the top of your head a white tipped violet flower is opening and the energy flowing from it flows upwards, connecting you with the highest guidance. You find yourself becoming aware and accepting that you are guided in all that you do. Things become clear to you and you feel happy and contented, at one with yourself and the world.

Your whole body is full and surrounded with the energy from your chakras. At this moment you are aware of the core of each chakra pay attention to any physical feeling this may be in the form of flutters in your stomach, earache, stiffness in your back or a headache.

Now take time to look at your life and at what may be causing a block to the positive flow of energy through your body. Is your life a case of all work and no play are you unable to relax and enjoy the good things in your life? Do you still have time to dream? Do you put the needs of others in front of the needs of yourself? Give time to pay attention to these feelings and know that they are providing you with the information you need and through this you will be able to remove any blockage and heal your self. You are energized and all is well within you.

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