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A Grounding and Protecting Meditation

A Grounding and Protecting Meditation Breathe in and out slowly and with each breath in think relax and with each out breath think release. Do at least 4 times or more if you need to, till you feel more relaxed. Quiet the mind and still the body.

The Visualization

A white shimmering light appears above your head
Watch it flow gently down over your head, neck and your shoulders, arms and hands
Let it flow on down to your chest, lower back area
Let it flow over your hips now notice how you begin to feel.
This shimmering white light is filled with love.

The shimmering white light flows all the way down to your toes and the bottom of your feet.

The shimmering light surrounds your whole body and you feel love and protected
Now begin to watch the shimmering light flow downward from the bottom of your feet
This shimmering light flows to the Earth's core and all energy that needs to be cleansed will be
You are now connected to Mother Earth Feel the unity of energy you now share with her.

Take some breaths in and out slowly
Begin to watch the shimmering white light becoming pink, the colour of love and peace.
This shimmering pink light will only let positive energy in
Now it shimmers all over you and you begin to feel loved and peaceful
Take a few more breaths in and out slowly
Begin to feel the pink shimmering energy of Mother Earth protecting you and grounding you in loving energy.

The shimmering pink light will move with you in all you do throughout the day and when you need to refresh the energy just follow the steps again in the visualization.

Hope you enjoy the Grounding and Protecting Meditation, one of the many meditations we do here at Mystic Familiar come part take in the many circles that are on going at Mystic Familiar.

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by Shadowmist, Designed by Sol.

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