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Empathic Meditation for Empaths Empathy The Shamanic Viewpoint Empaths and Empathy

Connection to the Cosmos
Tapping the Cosmic Strings

Empathy The Shamanic Viewpoint Empaths and Empathy

Empathic Meditation for Empaths

Sit with both your feet on the ground and breathe in a comfortable and relaxed manner, evenly.
Visualise roots coming out of the bottom of your feet, like a plant, and digging into the earth, feeling the energy of the earth coming up into your body.
I thank the universe for providing light and protection during our short journey. Visualise yourself in your sacred space (a place where you feel most comfortable)

In front of you there is a spiral path
It goes right and upwards
Walk along the path
Your guides are with you
Soon you come to the end of the spiral path and look
There is a blue mist in front of you
It is a healing mist
A bright blue ball of light comes towards you
It stops in front of you then it wends its way through the mist
You follow the ball of light through the mist, feeling yourself being healed
You come to the end of the mist, and directly in front of you
there is a bridge, made of rainbow light
It bridges the gap between the middle world and the upper world
You cross the bridge
and there is a path in front of you
You follow the path, taking in the sights and wonderful scents
of the plant life all around you

Soon, you find yourself climbing the path up a hill, a tor
You reach the top
Slowly your aura manifests itself
and you see your filaments shooting out of your solar plexus
Tapping the web of the world
You are connected to every living being that exists
Suddenly a latticework of light appears in the sky above you
Billions of strings creating a grid
above you
and all around you
You notice your filaments connecting to the latticework
and suddenly you find yourself floating in the cosmos
You feel the universes heartbeat
It is thrumming inside you
and you are filled with light
Until you are a being of light

As you look at yourself
You realise that all your cells in your body are stars and planets
You have become the universe

In that moment, you are aware of every aspect of life within the universe
Revel in it

Slowly your light dims
and your filaments extract themselves from the grid
until you are again a person standing on a hill

Turn around
there is a small pool
There is a ladle on a chain attached to a rack nearby
Dip the ladle into the water
and scoop some water, before you drink it
You notice that the water has turned to light
Drink the light
It is healing and love

Now walk down the hill
to the rainbow bridge
Cross the bridge
and you see a green mist in front of you

A pink ball of light make its way toward you
It entices you to follow it through the mist
as you walk through the mist, you realise it is a mist of love

The pink light takes you to the other side of the mist
and you see your spiral path in front of you
Walk down and left, with your guides
Following the spiral
Until you see your sacred space where you started from

Enter your space
Thank your guides
and slowly bring yourselves back to the middle world

It is done

Thank you all for being here

Empathy The Shamanic Viewpoint Empaths and Empathy


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Empathic Meditation for Empaths Empathy The Shamanic Viewpoint Empaths and Empathy

Written by Redcat Tali, Edited & Designed by Sol © copyrighted to 2004 All rights Reserved

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