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Creating Your Secret Garden

Make yourself comfortable, either sitting, or lying down in a place where you will not be disturbed.
Ground and protect yourself.
Breathe deeply several times until you are fully relaxed.
Now, see yourself getting up from wherever you are and walking towards the door.
As you open the door, you see a beautiful meadow, filled with wildflowers.
Birds are singing and insects and insects are buzzing in the warm sunshine.
Breathe deeply, filling your lungs with the scents of nature.
You notice a path running from your door to a small stone bridge over a stream.
Walk to the bridge, feeling the soft, firm grass under your feet.
You touch and feel the warm stonework as you go to the top of the bridge and look over to the clear, bright stream running below.
Now, take each worry or negative thought from your mind and drop them one by one into the stream below.
The clear water quickly swallows them up and washes them away, leaving you feeling lighter and calmer.
You now walk to the other side of the bridge and see that the path leads to a wall that runs into an ancient wood.
Follow the path into the wood.
All sorts of animals and creatures accompany you, curious but not in any way intrusive. You sense that they are supporting you in your journey.
You see that the wall is regularly marked with strange designs. You may or may not yet understand them, but in time, their meaning will become clear to you.
Ahead of you, beside the path, you see a huge ancient oak tree. The Grandfather Oak, the oldest and wisest tree in the woods.
Spend a little time with him, maybe talking to him and exchanging energy with him.
Something makes you turn round – in the wall behind you, a magical gate has appeared, covered with intricate designs.
You instinctively reach into your secret hiding place for the key that fits the gate lock.
You unlock the gate, enter and lock the gate behind you.
You turn round and see that you are in a walled garden, your walled garden. Your secret and private place that is totally safe and secure. Only those you invite can enter.
Decorate your garden in whatever manner you want. It is yours to do with as you please !

(You can use this garden to meditate, meet your guides totems and power animals, look at your past lives, heal yourself and others. You can use it for whatever positive thing you wish, knowing it is safe, secure and secret.)

Spend as much or as little time in your garden as you wish.
As you unlock the gate to leave, send a thought of thanks to your garden and those that you have met in it.
Go through the gate and lock it behind you.
Put the key back in your secret place.
You turn to see the Grandfather Oak and thank him for guarding the entrance to your garden.
You turn to walk along the path and notice that the gate has disappeared.
Follow the path along the wall, noticing once again the strange markings. Maybe their meaning is clear to you now, maybe not.
You leave the woods and cross the meadow to the bridge over the stream.
The warm sunshine and the sights, sounds and smells of nature fill you with joy and contentment.
Cross the bridge and walk along the path through the meadow to your door.
Open the door and see yourself exactly as you were before.
Cross the room and feel yourself slipping easily and gently back into your physical body.
Gradually begin to notice the physical world around you and open your eyes.
Stretch to make sure your blood is circulating properly.
Now get a drink or some food to make sure you are fully grounded !!

Hope you enjoy this. It is very useful indeed !



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Written by Philorganic. Designed by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2006

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