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Wonders of the Faerie Realm


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How do I Meet Fairies, How do I become more open and aware of Fairies? How to recognise that Fairies are around you, Find fairies


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Wonders of the Faerie Realm

For many years I was associated with a nature centre. I worked in its animal program and I also served as one of the centre's trail guides. I took groups of kids and adults out into nature and taught about its various aspect I particularly loved working with the preschoolers because... well, first of all, you don't have to walk very far with them. And second of all, you don't need to get real botanical and technical. I would take them along a wonderful trail and talk about the things we saw.

One day I was leading a small group of about 15 preschoolers, their teacher and a few of their parents. I came to a spot where there was a natural mound. Mounds are raised areas in the earth and most traditions taught at one time that communities of fairies and spirits often live within them-hence the common name "fairy mound:' I was standing in front of the group telling them about the fairy mounds. The teacher smiled at me and then spoke to the group of kids, "Well, we don't really believe in fairies and elves, do we?" The group was silent. They lowered their eyes, not looking at the teacher. I smiled to myself, thinking, This is interesting.. .let's take it a little further I proceeded to tell a bit more about the fairy mounds, and as I was talking a small boy from the back stepped forward. He put his hands on his hips and looked up at me. Then in a challenging voice, he said, “How do they get in and out of there, then?" I smiled and said, "Many people think it is through the small openings at the bottoms of the trees nearby” At that moment a little girl stepped up and said, “They do not. They use this flower and this flower and this one over here”’ and she proceeded to point out specific flowers. The girl's mother blushed. The teacher rolled her eyes, and I was jumping up and down inside yelling, "Yes!"

We moved on at that point, but through the rest of our hike, the boy was plastered to my one leg and the girl to the other. Finally, an adult who knew what they had been experiencing. A little further on we came to a boardwalk that crossed our pond. I led the group across, and as we got to the middle, I paused to talk. "You know, they used to say that if you tickled the water just right, all of the water fairies would come out, riding on the backs of dragonflies:' I then coaxed everyone down onto the walkway. I even made the teacher and parents do it. Then with the tips of our fingers we tickled the surface of the water for several minutes. When we stood up, there must have been 200 or more dragonflies soaring around us. It was one of the most wonderful hikes that I ever led at the center. I got some interesting mail from it, but it was truly amazing!

The Faerie Realm

There is still a place where enchantment lives.

Where streams sing and winds whisper.

Where caverns lead to nether realms.

Where trees speak and flowers tell tales.

Where unicorns dance in the morning dew.

Nothing fires the imagination more than the idea of faeries and elves. Even though our modern world relegates them to the realm of fiction, they touch a chord within us, Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, Nature spirits, Devas, Unicorns and Dragons. The Realm of Faerie is filled with all of these wonders and more. Sceptics will say that this realm should never be taken literally. They will say that this realm and all of its inhabitants are nothing more than the stuff of fiction. They are a product of the imagination since no scientific data record its presence. Humans have a tendency to be smug, and many times as people grow older their ability to be open and see the world as the child sees it declines. When this happens the world becomes a place of wonder and enchantment.

It is not the purpose of this article to prove the existence of the Faerie Realm or the reality of my own and others' experiences with it. Rarely does the scientific community accept anecdotal evidence. The experiences of others can be a barometer-a map by which others can measure and chart new experiences of wonder. Every tradition in the world at some point taught that all aspects of Nature have a spirit associated with it. These phenomena of common threads should give us pause. It is a reminder that there is something universal, something wonderful happening around us.


Here we hope to answer many of the most common questions relating to faeries.

Have I had any encounters with Fairies? How do I Meet Fairies, How do I become more open and aware of Fairies? How to recognise that Fairies are around you? When is the best time to find fairies?

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