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Last week heralded the announcement of the discovery of a new planetoid in our heavens. This new discovery has been named Sedna, it is red in colour and is estimated to be about 800 to 1100 miles in diameter and can be found in the outermost reaches of our solar system 8 billion miles (13 billion kilometres) away. It is the larges object to be found in our system since Pluto in 1930. Mike Brown an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology led the NASA-funded team that found it last year.

On hearing about Sedna I thought it might be interesting to find out a bit about the name that has been chosen and mythology that surrounds it.

The Belief - Sedna is the mother provider she is known to the North American Inuit people as the Goddess of the ocean, all its creatures as well as a provider of food. In Norwegian mythology Senda is also believed to be the Goddess of food.

The Mythology of Sedna (pronounced Sed`nah) - Sedna was a young and beautiful maiden courted by many suitors she was eventually wooed by a stranger who promised her a better way of life and plenty food for her and her family.

She went to live with her new husband and his people and instead of all she had been promised she lived in terrible conditions. It transpired that her new husband was not human but in fact a supernatural being, a bird spirit who had disguised himself as a human to win her heart.

Sedna’s father discovered his daughter’s situation and tried to return with her to their own people in a small kayak. During the journey the bird spirits brought about a terrible storm, fearing for his life Sedna’s father threw his daughter into the sea where she managed in the turbulent waters to grab hold of the kayak. Her father demanded that she let go Sedna hung to her life and the Kayak her father proceeded then to chop at her fingers and eventually Sedna fell into the sea. The legend indicates that the small pieces of Sedna’s fingers and hands tuned into the seals, walruses, whales and others creatures of the sea.

Sedna lives at the bottom of the sea and it is believed that all the wrong doings and failings against humanity and nature collect at the bottom of the sea with her. When Sedna becomes distressed by the wrong doings of man the sea creatures go to comfort her thus causing famine and disease in the world.

Female shaman within the Inuit society acts for the people and relays to Sedna the people’s repentance for wrong doings. Sedna is well aware of suffering and is compassionate to the penance her peoples offer for the unbalance that has occurred, in turn she sends out prayers to the creator to indicate the peoples repentance. Peace and balance returns to sedan and the creatures return to the seas and oceans.

Through her own suffering Sedna’s empathy to her peoples is enduring and from her great mercy comes the riches of the fare from the sea. Thought this compassion the people learn to live a balanced life showing respect to all things they come in contact with weather it be people, animals or the earth herself.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that we become aware of Sedna at this point in time in our evolution. The arrival of Sedna brings to us the need to show compassion, a time for healing. That we each have our part to play in the direction society and our earth is flowing in.

Maybe it is time we all took stock of who we are, how we relate to those we come in contact with, and how our actions affect people across the globe as well as the planet itself. Sedna calls to us telling us that there are things we need to remove from our lives things like intolerance, prejudices, discrimination, racism, sexism, ageism, exclusion, aggression the list goes on, Senda is letting us know that we each have the choice.

We need to move forward we all have the ability to heal the world we live in with our every though deed and action we have the choice. It is time to release old behaviors, viewpoints and old outmoded thoughts that have been holding us back. Now is the time to tap the healer with in us all to connect to our true potentials. Accepting and caring for ourselves offers us freedom as we are no longer bound to our fears and guilt.

Through this renewal and rebirth we too can contribute in the world we live in Sedna offers us the chance to make our world a better place to live in and to create that which we want to have in our lives. Is it time you took up the offer?




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