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Psychic Protection

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Psychic Protection

Mirror Method

This is a simple method of grounding and balancing,
which can be developed into a strong protection.

Breathe in deeply, and release all tension as you
exhale. Do this a few times, allowing yourself to
relax as you do.

If you feel tense, at this time do a full relaxation.
To do this, start at the top of the head, consciously
relax it, then move down to your eyebrows, eyes, etc,
and at each point totally relax the area. Continue
down through the throat, the lungs, heart, arms,
hands, torso, abdomen, legs, feet, etc.

When you feel relaxed begin to breathe any tension,
etc down into the earth. As you breathe in, bring up the
earth energy from deep in the centre of the earth -
fiery energy. Let this energy come to rest in your
heart centre.

Next breathe up to the sky, and as you breathe in,
bring down sky energy (sun, star, cosmic, or sky) and
let that fill your heart centre, mingling with the
earth energy.

Let both of these energies mingle and then fill your
entire body. Take your time. When your body is filled
with light and energy let it expand beyond the
boundaries of your physical body, and let the light
and energy fill your aura - about 6-8" ovoid sphere
surrounding your body.

The next step is to harden the edges of your light
filled ovoid shaped aura, like an egg shell, with the
intention that it will act as a protective screen,
filtering out any negative energy that comes toward
you, but letting in any positive energy.

If you have an extreme situation, with a need for
further protection, mentally place mirrors on the
outside of your protective screen, around your aura.
These mirrors face outwards, and reflect anything
negative or harmful back into the universe, where it
will dissipate harmlessly. The mirrors are programmed
to allow positive energy in.

A further step can be done, with caution. You can
program the mirrors to send any negative energy back
to its source. This needs to be done with great
caution as sending back the energy can harm the

Mirrors can also be placed around your home, your car,
and those you care about.



Written by Amberdrake, Designed by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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