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Mandala an Introduction

Mandalas have been use through out time in many civilisations across the globe. The word Mandala comes from the Hindu language and means “Concentric Energy Circle”.

Mandalas are representative images and are used during mediation to call upon the spiritual force within the individual. Mandals tend to be geometric in design with a central spot in the centre known as a “bindu”. The mandala leads out minds from the everyday distractions leading from the outer edge to the tranquil middle of the mandala.

The art, symbolism and colour of the mandala is used in meditation to help quite the conscious mind which is eternally active. Many people thing it’s just their minds that are busy, this is a normal occurrence that happens to everyone. The mandala helps us to harness our minds from the incessant chatter that float around our heads all the time.

In this quite we can become aware of our unconscious, connecting us with wisdom and information. Through this we can release our fears, guilt and anger, bring us in contact with out emotional selves, and raise our self esteem. In this awareness we can change negative thought patterns to positive.

We all have the ability to generate positive change in our lives. Einstein said that “the observer affects the observed” this can be seen in the stilling of our minds and the observation of the unconscious we are able to tap into and understand our deepest understandings, feelings and challenges. No longer being a victim of circumstance but harnessing that which is available to us to be used to create a better life with peace, love and understanding.

Each of us is a unique human being, we each have the right to be. Becoming aware of who we truly are removes the need for us to be someone else this removes the need to keep up with our neighbours and friends and allows us to just simply be. This allows us to feel free and happy appreciating the gift of life that we all have. Filling us with the excitement of what is possible to us.

People talk of “enlightenment” and many people ask what does this mean, it means to care for yourself offering yourself love and understanding as well as to all that you come in contact with, being aware of all that surrounds you.

Mandalas help to raise awareness and providing balance in our mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies helping us to consider our lives more positively. Mandalas can be used for many things to promote good health, attract prosperity, protect from negative energies, increase courage as well as connecting to our higher consciousness.

For the beginner it is best to start out with a mandala that appeals to you personally chose a simple pattern and look to more complex ones later. They can be used in time of stress by visualising and focussing on it can stop things in our lives overwhelming us, a well defined soothing mandala is best used for this purpose.

Creating our own personal mandalas can help provide you with insights into yourself.

Click Here To view our members mandalas

Whether you use your mandals for self exploration or for mediation they can be of great benefit to us all in our daily lives.

Below are seven mandalas for the main chakras of the body, these are the processors and distributors of energy throughout our bodies.

Chakras accumulate and store the experiences thoughts and emotions of our lives. Negative thoughts emotions and events get stuck in our chakras causing blocks and this causes problems with the ease of the energy flow in our bodies. There is a theory or belief that these blocks shaped firstly in our minds create illness later in our bodies therefore we can reveres this process by dealing with that which is causing the blockage. Click Chakras for more information.



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