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Grounding, Connecting and Centering

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Grounding, Connecting to Source Centering for use in Psychic and Spiritual Practices

Grounding, Connecting and Centering

for use in Psychic and Spiritual Practices




Have you ever asked how do you I ground, connect and center, here below you will find some helpful information to help you with grounding, connecting and centering.

Here are several things you can do to tune up your energy body, harmonize your charkas, aura and whole self.



Grounding is the first step taught in many spiritual practices. Whatever your beliefs this simple practice can make a significant difference to your life. This consists of connecting yourself energetically to the core of Mother Earth. You will find that grounding before meditation or astral travelling will aid inner focus. If you are feeling spacey or disoriented grounding and centering will help tremendously.

There are many techniques for grounding and it is wise to look for those that work best for you. The essence of most methods is to relax and visualize yourself sending down an energy cord or light beam into the earth from your root chakra (at the base of your spine), or from the soles of your feet, and allowing it to reach the earths core. Once this is done you can either return excess, or negative energy to the earth for transformation or you can draw up energy into your body.

My personal favourite is to visualize myself as a tree sending down roots from the charkas on the bottom of my feet. These roots travel swiftly down into the earth’s core and draw up rich dark Mother Earth energy spiralling up and throughout my body.


Connecting to Source

Making an energetic connection or sending a line up to the spiritual heart of the universe is called connecting to source. This is done through the crown chakra with the intent of aligning with the souls highest purpose while staying connected to the physical plane. This means you are connected to the spiritual universe through the Crown chakra and also to Mother Earth through either the root chakra or the charkas in the soles of the feet, which are drawing up earth energy into the root chakra. This creates one harmonious balance.

Some people myself included, prefer to draw the Source energy down and the Earth energy up.

I would suggest doing this before meditation as well as each healing session or attunement.



This is done before grounding by placing your awareness at your personal centre, whether it is your third eye, heart, or solar plexus charkas. What ever feels right to you. From this point call your energies in while taking a deep breath, then release any energies that do not benefit you that may have stored up. I suspect that this is what expression “pull yourself together” is referring to.

Then you can finish by visualize yourself balancing on a beam of light. Stand very straight and tall holding your arms outstretched and feel yourself swaying until you come to a perfect point of balance on the beam of Light.


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