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Absent or Distance Healing

Have you ever asked the question “What is absent or distance healing”?

It is healing that can be sent out to a person, animals, trees, flowers, or even to mother earth, without being able to actually touch them. Everyone is able to send healing to others. It is a gift spirit has given us from the day we was born, but when we get older, we don’t realise that we have the ability to do it, we just tend to get on with our lives. There are a few people who take up healing and enjoy providing healing. I have been interested in healing and spiritual work for a long time and I enjoy providing healing. I also provide absent healing over the Internet, its gives me a very nice feeling when providing this to read, when they type back saying, that they are feeling the warmth from the healing that you have send to them. Just to know that you are helping someone who is in pain, and when they say that their pain has gone and they are starting to feel better. They just feel happy in themselves that they have had some relief from the pain they were in, even if it is only a day or a few days. I do lots of healing on the Internet and when I see them the next time, and they say there pain has still not returned it makes me happy that I helped them.

You see when sending healing space and time has no meanings, so you can send someone healing on the other side of the world, as if they are standing next to you. I am now doing a Reiki healing course and hope one day I will become a Reiki master. I wish everyone would take a little time to send healing energies to loved ones, friends , animals and the earth. All you need to do is to sit, relax and ask for healing energies to be sent to whoever you want to send healing to and ask for it to help them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this love and light

A Healing Prayer

Dear God farther of light and lord of spirits, please could you send healing energies to ___________ and hope they accept the healing from you, so they may feel there pain ease and to make them feel better again,

I thank you lord, Amen.


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Written by Earthvisitor, Designed by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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